9 Reasons Why Hiking Is Just Like Taking A Vacation

It seems that the faster progress takes place in the world, the more people become encouraged to take a step back and disconnect from it. Hiking, exploring and climbing mountains used to be something that was enjoyed by a small circle of hard-core hobbyists but even casual climbers have become hooked to it.

If you have yet to convince yourself to go hiking even just for a few hours in the nearby park, here are reasons why it would make you feel like going on a quick vacation and don't forget to arm yourself with some versatile and handy hiking gear.

1. You get to explore new places

Hiking is not just about going back and forth a familiar trail because, sooner or later, you would want to push yourself to explore new places and scale even more challenging ascents and descents. Eventually, you’ll find out that you already have a long list of hiking trails you wish to take on.

2. You feel relaxed and calm

When it comes to hiking, it isn’t just about the destination but the actual journey. Most trails go through forests and other settings with lots of greens, browns and a gazillion other colors. You know what’s so great about looking at nature? It soothes and calms you. No wonder you keep looking at your desktop screensaver!

3. You get some therapy

The therapy you get out of hiking trails is like an intense whole body workout. You exercise and calm your nerves and your brain and you also allow your senses to explore something new. Well, just being somewhere new is enough therapy that will definitely lighten you up no matter what mood you are in..

4. You get to disconnect

The beauty of going hiking is that you get to ditch technology. For a few hours, you can say goodbye to your mobile phones, tablets, computers and other gadgets, without having to worry so much about the repercussions.

5. You get to connect with others more deeply

It’s ironic that we get connected wherever we are through technology and yet we become detached from each other because of it. Without technology as a distraction, it allows you to reconnect with friends and family so you can enjoy deep conversations that would otherwise be missed out on mobile.

6. You get to enjoy some moments to yourself

But hiking does not necessarily mean bringing along other people. In fact, as long as you follow through all safety procedures, you can walk and enjoy the trail alone, allowing for some moments with just yourself and your thoughts. Going hiking alone also encourages you to push your boundaries and conquer fears that you never thought existed.

7. You put things in perspective

Vacations and time-offs allow you to take a step back and see the general picture. Perhaps you have lost focus on a goal you have set a few months back? Maybe it is time to reshuffle priorities because things have changed in the past few weeks? Having some undisturbed time with your thoughts will let you think through things clearly so you can make the right decisions.

8. You get to take a break from a fast-paced routine

Days, weeks and months can fly by so fast without knowing it. Take a break from the fast-paced routine of life by bringing yourself out in a short vacation, through a trail to the mountains. It’s always good to slow down once in a while especially if life seems to start spiraling out of control.

9. You forget all your worries

Being one with nature lets you forget everything you have been worrying for the past days. Are the adult responsibilities starting to exhaust you? Allow yourself to take in the beauty of the world and appreciate life for what it is. After all, we aren’t born here to just pay the bills and die — we need to explore the world and make the most of every second of our lives!

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