21 Reasons To Travel Solo At Least Once In Your Life

While sharing a trip with a bunch of friends or a partner is super fun and wonderful, we at Trekeffect encourage you to try traveling solo for at least once your life. Trust me, traveling solo can be quite a memorable and empowering experience that will make a lasting positive impact in your life in a lot of different ways. What’s more, traveling solo offers a plethora of benefits that will make your trip even more gleeful, remarkable and pleasurable. From self-discovery to having simpler logistics, there are surely a lot of good reasons to travel, and discover the world on your own.

Here are 21 good reasons why every travel junkie must consider traveling solo:

1. You can go wherever you want

Planning on going an epic adventure in ? Want to volunteer and help the unfortunate earthquake victims in Nepal? One of the cool perks of traveling solo is that you literally can go anywhere you want, without someone else’s interests, budget and hesitations in mind.

2. It develops your skills in money management

Frankly, traveling solo isn’t as economical as a trip with a partner, family or a group of friends. Unlike group travel, there is no one to split the cost of your food, transportation and hotel room. But the good news is, traveling solo can help develop your money-management skills as well as teaches how to be frugal.

3. It pushes you out of your comfort zone

From language barrier to homesickness, there are plenty of challenges you’ll have to face, when you’re traveling solo abroad. But guess what? These challenges will push you out of your comfort zone, make you grow, and help you become a better person.

4. Traveling solo is empowering

Surviving a trip alone is truly an empowering experience because it will make you feel like you can conquer any challenge or do anything you want. After all, you’ve planned a trip, traveled, and survived all the challenges and hurdles that came your way, on your own.

5. Your logistics are simpler

Coordinating a getaway with someone else is challenging, let alone with a group of friends.. With solo traveling, however, you’ll be able to set your activities, itinerary and dates easily, without the need to coordinate with another person who might be just as busy as you are.

6. You’re the boss

Traveling solo means you will have total control of everything you do in your trip. You’re basically free to make your travel plans and change them as you please, without having to worry if your travel partners will dig everything that you want to do. You will have a flexible itinerary, and no one will get pissed when you wake up late or miss a bus.

7. Travel at your own pace

People usually have different mindsets, as far as sightseeing and traveling. Some want to explore a big city in a flash, and fit as many experiences as they can, while others prefer to prefer to slowly soak in things even if they don’t get to see everything. Of course, these contradicting mental outlooks can very often clash and even lead to arguments. The good thing about traveling solo is that you don’t have to adjust to someone else’s pace during your escapade. Whether you prefer to travel hastily or in a leisurely pace, you are in complete control of your trip’s tempo, when you’re traveling solo.

8. You won’t be lonely when traveling solo

Surprised? Just because you are traveling solo, it doesn’t mean you are going to be lonely for the entire duration of your trip. From train stations to restaurants and bars, there are tons of places where you can find someone who’s willing to start a casual chat during your solo escapade.

9. You’ll become more open to meeting new friends

When we travel with a gang, we tend to stick to our own partner or peeps instead of reaching out to locals and other travelers. But as a solo traveler, you’ll be compelled to strike up conversations with strangers. As a matter of fact, it can help introverts become more social and approachable.

10. Focus more on yourself

Want to have a soothing respite away from your hustle bustle city life? Traveling solo is, as far as I’m concerned, a good opportunity for you to do the things that will make you really happy, without having to worry about anyone else. Free from the distractions and nuisances of everyday life, solo travel will give also you an ample amount of time and space needed for some “me time”. And even if you’re not the kind of person who totally unplugs when traveling, it will still give you a chance to temporarily forget about your work, career, and credit card bills. Not to mention, it will give some time to reflect on your life as well as develop greater self-awareness.

11. Gain independence and confidence

Problems and obstacles are inevitable, when you’re traveling solo. But the thing is, facing and fixing them on your own will boost your self-confidence, and make a lasting positive impact on your life, even long after the trip is over.

12. Better service

Hotels and restaurants tend to treat solo travelers better than those who are traveling with a group or partner. In fact, you could be in for a delicious on-the-house cocktail or a lovely room upgrade, as you swing by a bar or check-in your hotel.

13. A chance to work on your bucket list

Whether you are fond of skydiving or cliff jumping, traveling solo allows you to do all the crazy things you want to do in bucket list, without having to persuade other people to join you.

14. Less chat and more cultural immersion

When we travel with a group, we usually share jokes and chat for hours with our friends, to catch up on life. And although there is nothing wrong with catching up with your friends, it can reduce your time observing the culture of the place you’re visiting. When you’re traveling solo, you can’t help, but observe everything that’s going on around you, such as the area’s customs, sounds, smells, and sights.

15. Accept spontaneous offers

Since you won’t have a travel partner to answer to, you will have the luxury to accept spontaneous opportunities and last-minute offers that come along the way.

16. No one will judge you

You can take in all the macaroons, pizza, pad Thai, and other foreign delights you want, and no one, but you, will notice.

17. People back home will admire you

People, for the most part, admire brave souls who travel and explore the world alone.

18. No one will remember your bad bits

Had an embarrassing night or awkward moment? Don’t worry, as no one back home will know, unless you share it to them.

19. A drama-free getaway

Don’t want to travel with a drama queen? A solo trip means you won’t be traveling with a person who could stir up drama. You won’t have to bicker over things like seat assignments on the airplane, restaurant choices or who gets the better side of the bed in the hotel. Instead, you will have a memorable trip that is purely relaxing and drama-free.

20. Self-discovery

Traveling solo is a journey that lets you dig deeper into yourself, and discover talents and interests that you didn’t know you’ve ever had.

21. It makes you more appreciative of your loved ones

Lastly, traveling solo will make you appreciate your friends and family more. Days and weeks away from your loved ones will make you realize how valuable they are in your life. You’ll miss them, and you’ll learn how to appreciate them.

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