Scuba Diving Spots: Videos

Waves crashing down on white sandy beaches, warm glowing sun in the sky, and not a cloud in the sky. There’s not wonder what the appeal for travelers is to get themselves onto islands and down to the tropics. What you do once you get there though, makes all the difference. Some are just in it for the tan, or to while the day away with their nose in a good book.

Others know that adventure can be found just around the corner...or rather, just under the corner. Beyond the sun and surf lies the land of scuba diving. Videos that'll inspire you to explore what lies beneath the surface, just waiting to be discovered.

Jellyfish Lake

Though most diving is done along the shore lines, Fifth Lake is a unique exception. Once connected to the sea, this marine lake was formed on Eil Malk Island in Palau, after the last Ice Age. Now isolated it has a new nickname: Jellyfish Lake. The way the lake was formed confined this golden species, and slowly eliminating their stingers.

When you dive here, you can swim surrounded by them as they make their daily commute back and forth across the lake.

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia is the largest coral reef system in the world. In its entirety, it spans an incredible 133,000 square miles. The wildlife there is incredibly diverse, jut starting with 1,500 different kinds of fish species, many of which can only be found here.

It would be no surprise then to ocean lovers that tourism is the biggest industry in the area. Just watching this video makes it hard not to book flights right now! Millions of people visit the area each year, to explore the one of a kind water park. It is however, important to stress how delicate the ecosystem of this, or any, reef is. It’s okay to find Nemo, just don’t take him!

Truk Lagoon

During World War II, battles were fought through island hopping and with ship on ship skirmishes. Almost 70 years after Operation Hailstorm raged in the Truk Lagoon lies a scuba diver’s playground of eerie history.

The ships are scattered, lying exactly where they sank brings up many questions: what happened to the crews? What stories could they tell us? It’s possible for divers and ghost hunters alike to swim through engine rooms and submarines while contemplating their sad, but brave places in history.

Costa Rica

A paradise by land and by sea, Costa Rica is consistently ranked one of the world’s best scuba spots. The range of biodiversity is something you need to see to believe. Massive schools of fish will overwhelm you, and take a moment to watch humungous eagle rays soar by. Just keep your eyes peeled, as sharks have been known to surprise divers now and again.


Pyramids. Deserts. The Sphinx and the pharaohs. Naturally, when someone mentions Egypt these are the things that comes to mind. But don’t forget, the land of the Nile is not a landlocked country. The river connects to the Mediterranean to the north, and a scuba wonderland to its east. The Red Sea is a diving hotspot, thanks to clear waters all year round. Chock full of wildlife and coral reefs, there are many dive sites to choose from. Ras Mohammed national park is a particular gem, allowing for more unique access the Red Sea’s deep blue wonders.

It may not be the cheapest hobby to take on, filled with certifications and tests and equipment. But you’d be hard pressed to find another pastime that could be so rewarding. Scuba diving brings you to explore areas of this earth that only a privileged few have experienced before you. The passion for underwater exploration takes you face to face with fantastical new creatures, and to areas of the world you may never have thought to explore before.

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