Sex Shows: Las Vegas, Amsterdam and Paris

We get censorship and get shamed for liking sex but we’ve moved forward. Even if sex is still shamed, we still have sex and we always have. We all have our preferences and we're all curious, so why not check out sex shows?

Celebrate love by visiting these cities' hottest shows!

Las Vegas

The city of Las Vegas has been associated with glamorized excesses for a long time now, hence its nickname “Sin City”. For an euphemism, you can call it the Entertainment Capital of the World but the fact remains: if you want glamour, sexiness and a dip into the burlesque world, you better head straight to Las Vegas. While many still mourning the loss of Peepshow, Vegas is still full of places you can go for some sexy entertainment.

Tip: Flamingo’s X-Burlesque aims, in their own words, to “push the envelope”. It’s been dubbed the “hottest show on the strip” by CNBC, and the shows here aim to be more than can-cans and topless dances. You can expect performances that are sexy yet sophisticated, and the dancers turn the whole thing into art without making it any colder. The music is far from your usual 1940’s cabaret soundtrack, going down a classic rock approach to it (i.e. Led Zeppelin), and besides that there are many modern elements incorporated into the otherwise classic art of burlesque. The comedians that pop in halfway through will also make your evening, and are fan favorites. X-Burlesque is a sexy and eclectic show that suits everyone’s taste.


Most of Amsterdam’s sex industry is located in De Wallen, which you probably know as the Red Light District (RLD for short). The area itself has always sparked controversy and different opinions, but the fact is that De Wallen offers quality sex shows for all tastes. You will see different options all around you, but the sex show trinity of Amsterdam is comprised of the Moulin Rouge (the fun one), the Banana Bar (a bar where everything happens right next to you, and original home of infamous banana show) and Casa Rosso (the sexy one).

Keep in mind however, that far less graciously than Las Vegas, sex shows in Amsterdam are bound to be packed with drunk tourists who will be shouting less-than-pleasant things at the performers, and can get a little out of hand too.

Tip: Look out for the pink elephant for a great night. Casa Rosso is what one expects from an Amsterdam sex show. The venue is spacious (180 seats and a balcony) and packs some class, there are many shows, all of them diverse and catering to all audiences. Sometimes there’s art, sometimes there’s humor and of course, there’s always sex - there are shows non-stop. The seats are extremely comfortable, the theatre is air conditioned and you have the option of adding four drinks to your ticket for a discounted rate. You get to see the best of the bright side of the RLD here.


Sometimes, to experience something fully you must go down to the root, where it all blossomed. Burlesque as we know it nowadays and Paris go hand in hand. The City of Lights is always as romantic as can be, and after a day of romance one can’t blame it for progressing into its erotic and sexy side. Cabaret and burlesque are everywhere and you might as well pop into any venue and be in for a great show. The shows here are as ‘Parisian’ as it gets - sexy, artsy and glamorous all at once. Quite a departure from Amsterdam’s atmosphere, names like the Crazy Horse are household names anywhere in the world, and for a reason.

Tip: Of course, if you want to drink from the source, make no mistake. It is the Moulin Rouge! While the Crazy Horse aims to be avant-garde, the Moulin Rouge takes you down the traditional burlesque route. The dancers all have different sizes and types and the show is as lively as it gets. Glamour, sexiness and fantastic dancing will take you to the moon and back in a way only the Moulin can. There is just so much more than can-can inside these walls, and a visit to the Moulin Rouge is as essential as seeing the Eiffel tower!

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