31 Signs You’re Totally Addicted To Travel

Do you spend your days dreaming of your next getaway or planning a spontaneous weekend trip somewhere far and new? If your answer is a big and resounding “yes”, then you are most likely one of the millions of people worldwide, who have a serious case of travel addiction.

And make no mistake about it – travel can be just as addictive as a recreational drug like cocaine or heroin. Once you start doing it, it can be quite difficult for you to stop. The more you travel, the more you want to do it. Try to go without it for a few months, and you might find yourself in a local pawnshop with a fistful of gold or your spouse’s fancy watch, in an effort to plan your next retreat.

Think you are a genuine travel junkie? Check out these signs, and see if you truly are addicted to travel.

1. You daydream about traveling all the time

You never stop thinking and daydreaming about your adventures, experiences and trips. What’s more, you spend more time planning your next big adventure than doing household chores, studying, working, or just about anything else.

2. Nothing excites you more than traveling

When you have a serious case of travel addiction, not even the hottest shows on TV (except for Game of Thrones, House Hunters International and Travel Channel) or the coolest online games can offer as much as excitement as the thought of traveling to a foreign land.  Honestly, all other things just seem boring, compared to traveling.

3. You’re an elite packing specialist

You know you have the travel bug, when you have mastered the art of packing, and you can pack everything you need for a 3-week trip in a modestly sized backpack in less than 10 minutes.

4. You feel the need to buy a second fridge for your magnets

Seriously, though, your fridge is almost fully covered of magnets from all the cities and places you have been to.

5. You don’t get homesick

Travel junkies rarely feel nostalgic for home.  As a matter of fact, going home feels like more of a pit stop or a vacation between their journeys.

6. You watch tons of travel films

When you’re at home, you watch a ton of travel-inspiring films like Wild, Darjeeling Limited, Into the Wild, Motorcycles, One Week, Eat Pray Love, The Bucket List, Under the Tuscan Sun, and a whole lot more.

7. You have a surfeit of friends abroad

Travel junkies, for the most part, have a jillion of buddies who are living in international

8. You use your suitcase when at home

You’re so used to living out of your suitcase that you use it, to a great extent, when you’re at home. Also, you think that closets are overrated, and you don’t need hangers for your clothes.

9. A travel tattoo

You have, or at least considered getting, a tattoo of a small airplane, map, Lonely Planet or compass.

10. You spend countless of hours reading travel blogs

While your friends are checking out sports or celeb pages, you usually spend your time on the web reading blogs and articles from Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Lonely Planet and Nomadic Matt.

11. You can sleep anywhere

Whether it’s on the train, bus or office desk, you can easily catch some Z’s wherever you are.

12. Your smartphone is full of travel apps

From Google maps to currency converters and language translators, your smartphone is literally stocked with a library of useful travel apps.

13. You are not afraid of getting lost

You’re not afraid of getting lost not because you have an incredible sense of direction, but because you do not believe in wrong turns. You always think that there is a new adventure and surprise in every corner, and the only way to discover it is to put down the map and get off-track.

14. You have extra sources of income to fund your trips

People who have travel addiction usually have a couple of jobs or more, just to fund their trips.

15. You don’t take days off even when you’re sick

Speaking of work, travel junkies don’t take sick days, so they can use them for their extra long trips.

16. A plethora of planned trips

You have trips and experiences planned for the next decade.

17. Your bucket list is 99 percent places

Most people fill their bucket with a balance mixture of things to do and places to visit. A travel junkie’s bucket list, however, is completely made up of places.

18. You know how to communicate in foreign languages

You may not be a linguist, but you can say “cheers”, “hello”, “thank you” and “goodbye” in multiple languages.

19. Everywhere feels like home

You believe in the saying “home is anywhere you want it to be”.

20. You’re a travel hacker

You’re a travel hacking expert not because you travel very often, but because you think it is fun.

21. You have a colorful passport

Your passport is practically covered with a colorful array of stamps and visas.

22. You follow other travelers

You closely follow other fellow adventurers and travel bloggers on Instragram and Twitter.

23. You only read books related to traveling

Your shelf only contains books that will inspire your wanderlust.

24. Facebook groups and Google communities

You belong to a handful of Google communities and Facebook groups that are travel related, such as Trekeffect Travel News & Guides.

25. You’re extremely familiar with airport codes

Travel junkies mostly talk in airport codes, and not in city names.

26. You can’t wait for your next trip

You feel restless, in the between your trips. If you have not been traveling for a few months, your feet will get itchy and you will get anxious.

27. A galore of currencies

Your wallet contains a lot different currencies.

28. Maps and pics as wall art

Your room isn’t filled with paintings and other magnificent works of art. Instead, it is covered with maps, postcards and photographs of the places you have visited.

29. Memorabilia

Your home or room is littered with souvenirs from all your trips.

30. The thought of staying in the same town for a year scares you

You never stop thinking and daydreaming about your adventures, experiences and trips. What’s more, you spend more time planning your next big adventure than doing household chores, studying, working, or just about anything else.

31. Gifts for your travel escapades

All the presents you receive on your birthdays and holidays are related to traveling.

The good news is, travel addiction is not as harmful as using recreational drugs. While it may cost you a small fortune, traveling can give you tons of sweet, memorable, enriching and eye-opening experiences that guarantee to make you a better person.  And besides, there are plenty to ways to travel and see the world, without shelling out a great deal of cash.

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