Strange Architecture: Weird Interesting Buildings

When one is given full control of what they are doing, they will release their entire soul out, their expectations of the piece they are working on and architecture is no exception. You don’t even have to look far, I’m sure your city has something which captures your eye one way or another, obscure or beautiful. Buildings, they say are like people. And some are far more unique than others yet all are beautiful in their own way. But which are the buildings which just seem to stick out of the ordinary?

Habitat 67, Montreal

Usually it’s the offices and other buildings which are odd, while homes are usually closer to being more restricted and this block of buildings in Montreal says otherwise. It was originally conceived as a master’s thesis in architecture, but after a few years it was picked up and built. It is also known as one of the ugliest buildings, but it isn’t actually so. The concept behind the building is quite simple and rather brilliant actually. It is believed to illustrate the new lifestyle which people would eventually adapt, as the population would increase largely in size.

Community Bookshelf, Kansas City

Surely, not odd, but something unusual and even rather pleasant which is located in Kansas City, running along the South wall of the Central Library’s parking garage. The 22 book spines which decorate the building measure roughly 25 feet by 9 feet. The choice of which books to show is usually reflected by the wide variety of reading interests as shown by the readers in the city and then chosen by the The Kansas City Public Library Board of Trustees.

House Attack, Vienna

For all lovers of modern art and something to ponder upon and also located on top of the Museum Moderner Kunst (MUMOK) is a proud museum which holds a great collection of 20th and 21st century modern art and it’s exterior matches the interior like no other. It’s also the largest art museum in Austria. But no one knows for sure if that’s the reason why the small family home is trying to bring the museum down by simply pouncing on top of it, nearly destroying itself. It also gives an eerie feeling when you’re standing underneath, telling you to get out of it’s shadow, as today might be the day it will fall upon the earth.

Metropolitan Cathedral of Brasília, Brasília

Oscar Niemeyer is surely one of the most outstanding and innovative architectures and the fact that Brasilia’s buildings are strong evidence to that, his buildings are very odd and interesting sometimes. We see churches differently and surely his Cathedral in Brasilia will forever stand out with it’s beauty and forwardness. The cathedral is constructed from 16 concrete columns, which weight 90 tons each. The modern structure of the holy place was done as such because Niemeyer knew that communists didn’t like religion, so he needed a cathedral which would stand out from the usual, so that it would be kept and diminished if a communist government took over.

But the entire world has its own set of interesting and odd buildings to see. Which ones do you itch to see? Plan your architectural heaven with us on Trekeffect!

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