Stunning GoPro Videos You Need To See

For the tech savvy, GoPro has become one of the go­to toys to take on trips. Easy to attach and use, it provides HD video of wherever adventure takes you. GoPro, Inc. is an American technology company founded in 2002 by Nick Woodman who is also the current CEO. The GoPro camera was originally designed as a compact means to capture photos and videos of him surfing. It manufactures action cameras and develops its own mobile apps and video-editing software.

The world’s most versatile camera allows anyone to capture moments from the most extreme to the most surreal. Their slogan is perfect for those answering the call of the wild: “Capture and share your world. Dream it. Do it.”, having digitally recorded records of your treks allows a whole new ballgame of memories.

Masters of Indo

Surfing protegee Varun Tanjung is ten years old, and know he wants to be on the waves for the rest of his life. Growing up in Indonesia, that’s not too hard to do. Dialogue is intercut with gorgeous scenes of the ocean surf breaking around their boards and beaches. Here, this sport is a beautiful family affair.

GoPro follows Varun and his uncle Marlin as they take to the waves in Bali, one of the most scenic shores on Earth.

Red Bull Stratos: ­The Full Story

On October 14, 2012, Felix Baumgartner broke three incredible world records. First, he soared an astronomical 24 miles into the stratosphere by balloon. He then free dived the greatest height ever, and became the first human to break the sound barrier without use of a vehicle. His incredible journey, and 4 minute, 19 second fall were all recorded by seven GoPro cameras.

This extended version shows how epic of a task this was, and just how daring Baumgartner is.

Lions:­ The New Endangered Species?

Having such easy accessibility creates new windows of opportunity of what can be filmed. In wildlife settings, large cameras can be intimidating to animals, as well as bulky and hard to carry around. GoPro eliminates these problems. Here, we are introduced to lions, hyenas, and the other creatures of the African Savannah through Kevin Richardson. He shares his passion as well as his concerns for the future of the area, and his animal companions.

Disclaimer: For your own safety, please do not approach wild animals in the way that this man does.

Lindsey Vonn:­ Moving Forward

Inspiration comes in many different shapes and sizes, but watching someone overcome adversity has to be one of the best. Lindsey Vonn has been a world renowned alpine skier for the past decade, and faced her biggest injury in the past year. Rather than giving up or retiring, Vonn documented her struggles and her recovery, pushing herself to be even better than before she got hurt.

While she may only be at the Olympics in Sochi as a correspondent, it would not come as a surprise with her hard work as dedication if she was back as a competitor for the 2018 games in Pyeong Chang.

Whale Fantastia

There are places, so different from the norm, that even while they’re here on Earth, they might as well be considered different planets. The ocean, with all of its mysteries and fantastical flora and fauna fall into this realm.

In this dream land, three free divers take us to explore the sea, and dance among some of its greatest, gentlest beasts.

Let Me Take You To The Mountain

13,000 feet above sea level. In the Andes, that’s a terrifying height that most don’t dare to experience. But these four snow sport enthusiasts see that altitude as their next perfect carve. Just watching them lean over the edge can get your heart racing.

Moab Towers & Magic Back Packs

“If you can be a base jumper, you can really like, harness the intensity of anything out there.” Watch Hayley Ashburn and Marshall Miller squeeze their way through unimaginably tight crevices that leave the average viewer feeling anxious.

But if that wasn’t enough, just wait until Hayley climbs her way to terrifying heights with tremendous views, and they take the next (literal) step at 8:21.

New York City : A Day in the Life

GoPro has a pretty neat feature, that if you set up a camera somewhere, you can livestream it to a mobile device. Skateboarding celeb Ryan Sheckler takes advantage of not just one of these links, but fifty across the Big Apple.

A Grizzly Ate My GoPro

As durable as this camera might be, you never expect some things to happen. A 600lb animal trying to eat it probably isn’t something that crosses your mind on a daily basis. But that’s exactly what happens in this wild clip. Definitely a disclaimer to be careful where you leave your GoPro!

Definitely take advantage of new technology out there, and start planning your next video worthy trip today with Trekeffect!

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