Must-Read Swimsuit Shopping Tips And Tricks

With the right swimsuit it'll turn you into a goddess and looking sizzling hot or a head turner on the beach. But, oftentimes, that confidence can do hardly any magic if you don’t have the right swimwear for your body type and shape. That’s why it’s so important to find a flattering swimsuit that looks so fine and appealing on your body.

Sadly, swimsuit shopping can be a nightmare. With the endless choices and sources nowadays, how do you pick the best swimsuit that fits your style and body? Is a one-piece suit better than a sexy bikini? Should I choose prints over plain colors? Is wearing a ruffled or scalloped swimsuit a good idea?

These are some of the seemingly infinite questions that ladies ask when looking for a suit, making swimsuit shopping a stressful experience for some people. But, the truth is, swimsuit shopping can be a painless and hassle-free experience. Once you’ve figured out your body language, you can instantly choose a swimsuit style that will flatter your silhouette. Indeed, you can get one of those eye-catching figures that everyone admires.

Need help with your swimsuit shopping adventure? Here are some tips that will guide you in your quest to the Holy Grail of swimwear:

Identify your body type

The first thing you have to do, before you embark on your swimsuit shopping escapade, is to know your body shape. Keep in mind, there’s not one swimsuit that will fit and flatter all body types. Just because a swimsuit looks stunning on a friend, it doesn’t mean you’ll shine wearing it as well. If you don’t know your body type, measure your bust, hips and waist, and write down the measurements. Afterwards, compare your measurements with the interpretations of the body shapes below:

Swimsuit for the hourglass figure 

Waist is pretty well defined, and the hips and bust are essentially the same size. Girls with hourglass figures are arguably the luckiest swimsuit seekers. As a matter of fact, almost every style of swimwear looks nice and striking on them, making swimsuit shopping a breeze. From sexy bikinis to halter tops, hourglass-shaped girls have tons of incredible options. You should look for suits with embellishments, cuts, prints ad colors to camouflage your “problem areas” and draw attention to the spots you want.

Swimwear for the oval shape

The chest is large and the waist is larger than the hips and bust. The hips are also narrow, compared to the shoulders. The key, when working with this figure, is to minimize the appearance of your waist, so that the bust and hips look proportional. And, you can turn your oval figure into an hourglass by disguising your waistline via asymmetrical patterns, peplum details, belts, ruffles and necklines mimicking the curvy silhouette’s lines. Put all your detail focus on the top, and create the illusion that you have a cinched waist by adding ruching details.

Swimsuit for the inverted triangle shape

The waist isn’t quite well defined, the hips are narrow and the bust is large. Since this figure is rather top heavy, you need to balance your body’s proportions. For this body type, an ideal swimsuit would highlight your hips and waist while minimizing your bust. High-waisted bottoms will work out great because they will add some dimension to your hips. Moreover, slimming bandeau tops and ruched one-piece suits will help minimize a top-heavy appearance.

Swimwear for the top hourglass

The waist is quite well defined, and the bust is bigger than the hips. Despite having a larger top, this figure is still rather athletic, with an amazingly defined waist, meaning you may still, with confidence, rock a sexy bikini. Try a two-piece with a supportive bandeau top or a double-strap top that can accommodate a large bust. And, avoid hiding your waist beneath boy shorts. Alternatively, look for flirty bottoms with bright patterns, tassels or ruffles to divert the attention from the heavier top proportions.

Swimsuit for the pear

Hips are bigger than the bust. The waist, meanwhile, slopes gradually out to the hips. Bottom-heavy figures can be somewhat tricky to disguise. On the bright side, the right swimsuit may let you create the appearance of a more ample bosom and smaller hips. For this body type, a two-piece swimsuit with push-up wires or padded cups and high-waisted bottoms will ultimately help you achieve the appearance that you’re aiming for.

What’s more, you can experiment with patterns and styles that create the illusion of an alluring hourglass figure. Alternatively, you can try vertical stripe prints to distract from the problematic mid-section areas.

Swimwear for the straight body type

Hips and bust are basically the same, in terms of size. The waist is a little smaller. Girls with straight body figures are, for the most part, looking for ways to create the illusion of a curvy body. Luckily, with the right swimsuit, it’s fairly easy to fake it. Bikinis with ruffles across the bust create a rather fuller-looking chest, and there are tons of versions that offer articulated and/or padded cups. To add more dimension to your figure, look for bottoms that are ruched or ruffled. Likewise, one-piece suits with nice cutouts can help you attain an hourglass figure.

Other things you might want to consider

Short legs

Want to elongate your short legs? Why not go for a swimsuit with high leg cut? With this suit, you’re literally showing a lot of skin, so it will make your legs look longer. And, if you’re really daring, opt for a thong to get the best leg lengthening potential.

Sun sensitive skin

Aside from the typical SPF 50 sun-block and cover up, your swimsuit can provide a little stylish protection as well. If you’re a sun sensitive lady, consider buying a rashguard. These long-sleeved swimsuit tops are not only for serious surfing aficionados, but they come in a wide range of eye-catching and fun prints too.


This can be pretty tricky, as we don’t know where exactly your scars are located. But, there are plenty of swimsuits with interesting shapes and unique cuts, meaning you’re bound to find a suit to conceal a scar or a couple more.


Clearly, you don’t want a swimsuit that’s too tight and constricting around your midsection. That’s why you should search for tankinis because they offer easy access to your growing belly, sun protection and ample wiggle room.


Cellulite does not discriminate, whether you are tall, short, curvy or slender. And, trying to cover it simply with skirted tiny suits won’t work. Still, there’s no reason to sacrifice your personal style or go fully modest when trying to hide these not-so gorgeous dimples. Look for sassy tankinis and swim-dresses with long hemlines.

Tummy pouch

Hiding a tummy is so much easier than you think. A full-piece suit, for instance, may easily conceal your belly. A plunging neckline will also keep the focus at the top, instead of your midsection.

Full thighs

Flatter a full thigh by wearing bottoms with some coverage, like those with a skirt, to conceal some spots on your upper leg.

Back fat

You don’t want to wear a swimsuit with thin or strip-like straps that will dig into your skin, and make some of those flesh folds more pronounced. So, look for designs with high backs and thicker straps to smooth any bumps and lumps.

Love handles

Fight the bulge by wearing high-waisted bottoms. Just don’t forget to extend it above your belly button, so you can avoid a muffin top.

Big booty

Avoid skimpy cut suits, Brazilian and string bikinis since they are uncomfortable and pretty revealing. Instead, look for swimsuit designs with printed tops and solid bottoms.

Short torso

Lift and add length to your bust line to elongate your short torso. Halter straps draw some of the attention to your shoulders and neck, and low-rise bottoms make the torso look longer.

Athletic, compact body

You can create the illusion that you have more curves with a top with gathering, padding and cups. Also, make sure that your top has bright colors and girlie prints. Avoid shapeless full-piece swimsuits, boy-cut briefs or bandeaus since it will just enhance your compact, athletic figure.

Small chest

Add more flair and a hint of sexy to your swimsuit by going for a top with ruffles or embellishments. Not only will make your suit eye-catching, but it will also make your chest appear larger. Alternatively, a swimsuit with padding will give you a bit something extra.

Flat butt

Go for bottoms with loud prints and bright colors to divert the onlookers from a flat tush. In addition, showing some cheek is better to full-coverage bottoms, in this case.

Big girls

For those who are blessed with a huge chest, avoid string bikinis. Underwire and cup sizes will give you the support you need, so your girls won’t be all over the place as you take a dip. Additionally, look for double-stitched bands and thick swimsuit straps for the best and most flattering results.

Other swimsuit shopping tricks and tips

Got a clue on which swimsuit style is best suited for you? Well, guess what? There are still a few important swimsuit shopping tips that you have to keep in mind, especially with the overwhelming abundance of choices.

Be realistic. What’s the main reason you’re doing a little swimsuit shopping? What are you going to use your swimsuit for? Are you planning to use it for a beach party? Are you going to use it to play beach sports or do some snorkeling? Find out what your beach or tropical activities are, and start from there. Yes, a bandeau top prevents visible tan lines and looks so cute. But, if you’re going to hit up the thrilling water park a number of times, you’re likely going to end up flashing some private parts in front of a bunch of people. Be realistic and smart when buying a swimsuit!

There’s a new black. Always buying and wearing black swimsuits? Then, you might want to mix things up by adding more colors to swimsuit wardrobe. Sure, black is well-known for being slimming and flattering, but the likes of dark green, navy and burgundy can give you this confidence as well. Furthermore, these suits will add a pop of color to your swimsuit wardrobe. Speaking of colors, don’t just stick to tones that make you slimmer. Try an array of swimsuit colors and see which one looks best on your skin tone. Trust us, there plenty of gorgeous options besides the basic black tone. Step out of your comfort zone, and try wearing super chic tawny neutrals, like browns and taupe.

Check the rear-view mirror. Beware of creepers-uppers or saggy behinds. Before you head to the beach, spend some time looking at your butt. As far as swimwear goes, the backside view just counts as much as the front.

Get comfortable. Whether you need less coverage or more, look for a swimsuit that makes you extremely comfortable. Feeling comfortable on your suit will surely make you more confident as you show off your body.

Try it at the comfort of your home. You’ve probably heard this tip a million times. Please, don’t hit that dressing room. Weird carpet, weird mirrors and fluorescent lights – there’s nothing good that may come out from it. So, order a variety of swimsuit sizes and styles from a seller with an excellent return policy, such as Trekeffect, and test everything at the comfort of your home. That way, you can also mix and match with beach bags, sandals and cover ups in real time, to see what really works and what does not.

Embrace separates. Having a difficult time matching the bottoms and tops because you can’t find a set that’s right for both your chest and bottom? Then, turn to two separate swimsuit pieces. The thing is, you don’t have to put things together, just because a store or seller tells you to do so. Find a combination that fits and looks great, even if it means having pieces in two different sizes and styles.

Take some style cues from your own closet. Searching for the ultimate swimwear that suits you best? Here’s a simple word of advice for you: analyze your own wardrobe. Most of us are amazingly drawn to certain styles, necklines and colors for a reason. If your closet is full of athleisure seperates and racerback dresses, opt for a swimsuit with a cool sporty cut. If you’re more drawn to girlie details and romantic silhouettes, search for a swimsuit that delivers your trademark flounce and ruffle.

Cover it up. Cover ups are an absolutely a staple for each trip to the tropical destination or the beach. Throw it on after a dip or a tanning session, and make your way inside a restaurant for a bite to eat. Cover ups travel with ease and flatter instantly any silhouette. As an added bonus, you may also wear it as a dress by pairing it with heels for a casual poolside party.

Swimsuit shopping doesn’t have to be a nightmare. As long as you heed these tips, you’ll surely find the best swimsuit for your body. And, make sure to plan your trip with Trekeffect, to enjoy huge bargains on tons of awesome and fabulous swimsuits!

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