The Best Drag Shows In The World

There is always some magic when you enter a queer, gay or lesbian club, anything queer will always seem out of this world where pretty much everything is controlled by gender roles and heteronormativity which have been with us for so long and have always been a source of entertainment.

And by the end of the day it doesn’t even matter that their performances have a lot of tongue in cheek exaggeration towards our society, in the end it’s everyone laughing and having a great time.

Chez Michou, Paris

One of the world’s most famous drag clubs. Surely one of France’s must-sees attractions whether single or taken. The club is mostly set in blue tones, while the performers are bathed in a blue spotlight. Cross-dressing performers include Hortensia and DuDuche which lip-synch in colorful costumes which vary from haute couture and not only as they play tribute to everyone from Whitney Houston to Bridgette Bardot.

You don’t necessarily have to get dinner as you can just get a drink from the bar and enjoy the show, but if you want dinner make sure you make a reservation as this is a place frequently visited also by celebrities.

Stonewall Inn, New York

Where all the modern LGBT rights started and also now a famous location for their drag show. Not only a fun place, but a location filled with history which gave birth and steps closer to LGBT acceptance. Their drag shows (The Invasion) are on every Sunday night starting at 10 pm. Every week there is a new drag performer which hadn’t performed before and they bring their own co-divas with a DJ to end the night in a fabulous note.

Stonewall Inn makes sure to rotate their artists to make sure that they conquer not only New York but the whole world with every week having it’s own unique show in a historical location.

Black & White, Madrid

The opening party back in 1980 is still widely remembered as one of the most exciting events back when there were barely any gay bars. It was one of the crucial bars to build the Spanish gay scene. Ever since it became a place for everyone to hang out and it keeps going to fulfill its duty of innovating and offering shows which no other clubs do.

The club holds the stage for the most famous Spanish drag artists such as Mosquera and Plexiglass. The daily shows include every night of the week by La Plexy, Chumina Power and others.

Sex and the City: Live! at Rebel, San Francisco

It is surely a change for Carrie Bradshaw whose home sweet home is New York city, but have a twist, where the ladies of the popular shows are armed with sequins, hair spray and are yours to enjoy in San Francisco. It only happens twice a year, but it’s always worth it and it’s usually sold out, so make sure you book to enjoy your favorite ladies in a new light!

It doesn't matter if you love RuPaul's Drag Race or not, these drag shows will drive you crrrrrrrazy! Start planning your trip at Trekeffect.

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