The Safest Cities in the World

Going for a late night walk alone - in the safest cities in the world, that's beyond daily. It’s always important to be prepared when traveling to a new location. Researching where you’re going, what to expect, and special precautions that might need to be taken.

While this is definitely something you should do no matter where you travel to, some cities are less worrisome than others. Considered the safest cities in the world, the main troubles you’ll face is when you can get there, and never wanting to leave.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tourism to the Dutch capital has grown exponentially in recent years. In 2008, Amsterdam was ranked 22 out of 215 countries for personal safety. Since then, as more tourists visit, the safer the city grows. Though pick pocketing may occur, crime rates have dropped steadily for the past decade.

It’s particularly easy for women to travel alone without incident. The city has also placed an abundance of street lights to try to hinder any night time activity. Walking around, you’ll feel as calm as the tranquil canals.

Zurich, Switzerland

Maybe it’s all the scenic mountains throughout region, or it could be the historic preference for neutrality, Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the world. It only makes sense that it’s easy to feel at ease in Zurich.

There is an incredibly low rate of major crimes, and for every 100,000 citizens, there are an average of 216 police officers. On top of being safe, Zurich is also said to be the nicest city in the world.

Tokyo, Japan

Throughout all of Japan, crime rates are considerably low. This is partially fueled by the Japanese culture. Honor is an embedded quality in the society here, and committing a crime brings on shame to a person’s family. Though this may seem a bit ancient to Westerners, this ideal plays a role in many Asian cultures.

The number of more serious crimes are actually lower than any European countries. Tourists feel so comfortable there, that almost 90% felt safe walking alone, day or night. To say the least, it has helped to create a very safe environment for locals and visitors alike.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A cornerstone for Middle Eastern innovation and excitement, this has become a traveler hotspot for those seeking warmth and adventure. This new hotspot is also one of the safest cities in the world. With a crime rate of less than 20, and violent crimes even lower, it really is a beautiful paradise.

It’s an excellent spot to begin to experience new cultures and delicious foods, so feel free to enjoy some delicious seafood from the Persian Gulf without a care in the world.

Sydney, Australia

Australia is well known for a laidback reputation, that does lend to a feeling of safety. Visitors report of an instant feeling of kindness, and great hospitality. Since 2007, there has been an increase in the local job market, which the local bureau claims has lead to a steady decrease in crime rates.

Sydney is considered to be at its safest now than it has been in over two decades. Now, if only we felt so calm around the local fauna, like giant spiders and sharks...

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Out of all the major cities in the United States, bright and sunny Honolulu takes the safety cake. Maybe it’s all the sunshine and surf, but violent crime is almost half what it is here than the rest of the country. Gun control laws are also incredibly strict in Hawaii, helping bring the annual crime rate to an incredibly low 0.03%! It’s not wonder this is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Surf, sand, and complete tranquility make for an incredible vacation.

Wherever adventure may lead you, there’s no reason you can’t feel secure at the same time. There’s no denying that there may be the chance of crime occurring on any trip, but as long as you take proper precautions and always keep an eye peeled, you’ll always be safe.

Plan your trip with Trekeffect, keep your head up and enjoy an easy, safe time.

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