24 Things To Do During Sinulog 2020

Celebrated every third Sunday of January in Cebu, Sinulog is a colorful, dynamic, and enchanted festival that commemorates the acceptance of Roman Catholicism in the Philippines. Known as the country’s biggest and most joyous festival, this internationally famous gala is also pious jubilation to honor and pay homage to Senior Santo Niño, Cebu’s Patron.  A festivity full of colors, dancing, and elaborate costumes, the Sinulog Festival is a nine-day celebration culminated by a splashy, vibrant, and roaring grand parade on its final day. From street dancing to souvenir shopping, there are a lot of different things you can do on and before this yearly convivial gala. For 2015, the highlights of the Sinulog Festival will be on the 18th of January, with the grand parade along Cebu’s streets. But, there are a few events that are already underway to hype up the Sinulog 2015 festival as well as make it even more entertaining and merrier. What are the fun and exciting things to do on and before the festival? Check out these suggestions and tips: 

Before the big day

1. Shopping for Sinulog items and souvenirs

If you are planning on doing some shopping, I suggest that you do it a few days prior or after the grand event. That way, you won’t have to compete with hordes of people during the big day. Plus, prices are usually a bit steeper during the Sinulog 2015 climax.Where to shop?

• Sinulog 2015 Street Fair at Osmeña Boulevard ( from December 01,2014 to January 31,2015)

• Sinulog Trade Fair at SM City Cebu (January 9, 2015 to January 31,2015)

2. Sinulog Idol

From January 9 to 13, 2015, Fuente Osmeña will be delighting music lovers with the Sinulog Idol, a competition of some of the best singers in and around Cebu.

3. Run at the Cebu City Marathon 2015 (January 11, 2015)

For running junkies, make it a point to show off your stuff, and run alongside the elite runners of the metro by joining the Cebu City Marathon 2015.

4. Watch a cultural show

Cultural shows will be held every 6:30 PM at Fuente Osmeña, from January 10 to 14, 2015. Watch them, to get a deeper insight of the captivating traditions and heritage of the Filipinos.

5. Fireworks Competition

Catch sight of an exciting competition of fireworks at SM City Cebu on January 17, 2015 at 7 pm.

6. Watch the Miss Cebu coronation

Take pictures of Cebu’s spellbinding beauties by watching the Coronation Night of Miss Cebu at Fuente Osmeña on January 14, 2015

On Sinulog Day

7. Eat street food

From tuslob buwa to the Cebuano staple ginabot, there won’t be a shortage of this upcoming Sinulog 2015.

8. Get a henna tattoo

When the Sinulog 2015 grand parade sets in, the streets of Cebu will be jam-packed with talented tattoo artists that do hennas with cool tribal designs.

9. Free hugs

Some of the people who offer free hugs during the parade are intoxicated, while others just want to make the event more festive. Either way, you should try it. It’s free, anyway.

11. Skywalking at Crown Regency

Head off to Crown Regency, take a skywalk adventure, and watch the parade from the building’s 37 floor.

12. Street partying

If you are someone who loves to party hard, the streets of Cebu during Sinulog will surely please you in so many different ways. You can dance to ear-piercing music, drink heavy booze, have your face painted, and party with the crazy electrifying people in Cebu. Last year, Filipino celebrities like KC Montero had a blast with these street parties.

13. Gazing on the most celebrated Filipino celebrities and models

Take a close look at the most sought-after celebrities in the Philippines, as they grace the streets of Cebu on their floats.

14. Whistle the Sinulog Tune

Buy a whistle, and mimic the whistling tune of the Sinulog 2015 music.

15. Picture taking

Take pictures of the colorful costumes, higantes, and eye-catching floats of the Sinulog 2015 grand parade.

16. Street dancing

Dance to the rhythmic beat of Sinulog, and shout out loud the words “Viva Pit Senyor”.

17. Watch the Sinulog 2015 grand parade on the streets  

Luring millions of people from all four corners of the world, the Sinulog grand parade has become a can’t-miss spectacle and a major tourist magnet in the city of Cebu. As a matter of fact, throngs of international delegates and foreign journalists travel thousands of miles from their motherland to Cebu, to witness and observe this grand celebration. One of the grandest festivals in Asia, Sinulog mesmerizes people with a sea of bright-colored costumes, and a ceaseless ethnic rhythm of gongs, drums and trumpets.

18. Watch it at a Grandstand

To get a clearer and better view of the dancers and floats in the parade, go to the Cebu City Sports Complex and buy a Grandstand Ticket.

19. Grand fireworks at Cebu City Sports Center

For the parade’s Grand Finale, the city will be wowing spectators with an astonishing display of fireworks in Cebu City Sports Center at 7 PM.

20. Street party with live bands

If live and loud band music is your cup of tea, make your way to Fuente Osmeña (when the clock hits 7:30 in the evening), and listen to the heart-pounding music of the country’s finest bands.

21. Watch a pyro-musical show

SM City Cebu will be hosting a spectacular Pyro-musical show called Pyrospectacular Show at 9 PM.

22. Party at Cebu’s hottest nightspots

Aside from street parties, you may also get intoxicated by partying at Cebu’s hottest nightspots, such as

• Vudu

• Loft

• Club Pump

• Liv Superclub

• J Ave

23. Thrills rides at Kasadya sa SRP

From the classic Ferris wheel to the spine-tingling Galactic ride, Kasadya sa SRP has a plethora of thrill rides to offer to its pilgrims.

24. More fireworks

The Sinulog 2015 party will literally end with a bang with the Sinulog Fireworks display at the SRP grounds.

Sinulog 2015 is also a time for prayer

Pray for petition and thanksgiving

More than a whirlwind of events and parties, the Sinulog festival also serves as a time for whispered prayers of thanksgiving and petitions. After all, it was meant to honor Cebu’s patron, Senior Santo Niño. To experience the solemn side of this jubilee, make sure to participate in these religious events:

• Walk With Jesus: Opening Salvo – January 8, 2015 at 4 am

• Fluvial Procession of Santo Niño – January 17, 2015 at 6 am

• Solemn Procession – January 17, 2015 at 2 pm

• Holy Mass at Cebu City Sports Center – January 18, 2015 at 8 am

• Sinulog Novena masses

What to bring and wear

• Wear a comfortable, simple and light outfit

• For a more stylish look, wear a shirt with a Sinulog design

• Accessories like a bandanna, sunglasses and bracelets

• Slippers are cozy, but sneakers are a better fit in this situation

• Towel

• Umbrella

• Sun block

• Camera

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