Things You Should Know For Your Big Portuguese Wedding

Everyone wants their wedding to be different, and now with the world at our feet and travel made easier, why not combine two activities and take both families to get drunk in a foreign country in a big fat Portuguese wedding?

We all have our special day, and for all of those who wish to marry it will come eventually regardless of the obstacles we face (including finding the one).

Having a wedding in Portugal will surely be unique – as let’s face it, you’ve had about three of your friends drag you to the Caribbean or had a wedding in a forest or in the back of their childhood home. If you’re into that, great, but we’re here to give you some new ideas too just in case.

Portugal can give you great food, great wine and a great wedding for all couples, including same-sex ones

If you want to have a traditional and authentic Portuguese wedding, here’s your guide to the smallest of details that can make all the difference. Portuguese people are superstitious and for those days when you’re there, join up and follow them and who knows, maybe luck will indeed be on your side. There are many superstitions to observe during your Portuguese wedding:

• A person should not marry another person whose name starts with the same letter.

• Do not remove your engagement ring until the day of the wedding for good luck.

• You shall not see an open field on the day of the wedding.

• If you cry on the day of your wedding, that’s a good sign, because those will be the last tears of your marriage.

• Do not drop the rings during the ceremony for it brings bad luck.

• Avoid weddings on Saturday, supposedly it is the least happy day.

• If a younger sibling marries before the first, the eldest shall dance barefoot on the sibling’s wedding; otherwise, they won’t find a partner.

• It brings good luck to marry on the day of the week your partner was born, or on their birthday.

• If you will be wearing a dress you cannot make it or help it be made.

• Borrowing a dress means good luck for the one wearing it, bad luck for the one lending it.

• The bridesmaid role is to confuse the evil spirits so that they may not know who is the bride.

• Do not wear pearls on the day of your wedding as for every pearl there will be a tear of sorrow.

• The veil helps protects you from the evil spirits.

• If you rip your dress on the day of your wedding that means that the wedding will end in death, so try to avoid that at all costs.

• It’s considered good luck if you find a spider on your wedding clothes.

• The vows have to be said before 6 PM.

• The single people invited should get a slice of the cake and they should put it under their pillow for the night so that they can dream of their future beloved.

• On the night of the wedding, the first one to fall asleep will be the first one to die.

• BUT if you got everything wrong, don’t worry: in Sex and the City, Charlotte broke all possible traditions on her wedding, had a laugh as people kept breaking them and still has a wonderful marriage, so don’t worry.

Now that you have the superstitions, all you need is a good location! One of the most popular locations for a beautiful wedding is Algarve. Porto, Lisbon and Coímbra also offer great weddings, and frankly so do all of Portugal. The mild weather and fantastic sceneries will wow even the most travelled people, and are the perfect place for your very special day.

Here are a few more things that could help you plan a fabulous wedding:

• A Wedding Organizer Planner

• A Practical Wedding Guide

• A cute couples’ Shoe Sticker Decal

• A wedding cardboard

• Fun wedding props

Ideal Portuguese wedding gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for a Portuguese wedding? You might want to take a look at these cool and amazing suggestions:

• Buy Dansk Kobenstyle Casserole

• Buy Portuguese Homestyle Cookbook

• Buy Flameless Candle

Besides weddings, you can always go to Portugal to perhaps even meet your beloved or just to spend time alone or with friends. It is a land of great culture, wines, cuisine and scenery that can please everyone.

To plan your perfect Portuguese journey, head over to Trekeffect and share your trip with all your friends!

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