3 Extremely Creepy Places You Should Definitely Visit

There are a lot of weird, paranormal unexplained things which go on in our world. There are places where we dare ourselves to go into excited or sometimes on the opposite we go there as a dare, regretting everything and fearing for our life. But yes, we’ve got ghosts and curses, jinxes which will make our blood always run cold. But what will cause us to actually stop and think? Also the places below come in conflict with our beliefs of death and suicide.

1. Dead Children’s Playground

One of the scariest and quite spread on "youtube" to visit as a teenager and then try to catch some actual ghosts. The whole setting and name gives out what it actually is, it’s a playground where the ghosts of children come out of their graves to play on the swings and slides. But the thing is that you can actually capture it quite well on camera and there is evidence of bizarre light objects, orbs as well and the swings will swing by themselves. Two theories stand: that these are the ghosts of abducted children from the 1960s and the other that these children are simply those who are buried there.Also “fun fact” that the locals protested when they wanted to take the playground down and it was rebuilt.

2. Aokigahara Forest

Some places seem to drag specific actions and seem to be tied in with death and one of them is related to suicide, which gives a different kind of eeriness. The question is, how many suicides have there been here actually? Well, about half a thousand people have committed suicide here since the 1950s. The “trend” started from a Japanese author, Seicho Matsumoto who published his novel Kuroi Kaiju where two of his characters commit suicide and therefore the place earned its odd reputation.Also to give it a more uneasy feeling there are a lot of signs all over the forest encouraging people not to kill themselves such as “Life is a precious thing!” and “Please reconsider!”. The method of suicide is hanging, which makes it harder to find because even at day the forest is so thick that you already seemed to be dipped in darkness.

3. The Overtoun Bridge

This is a location where there have never been any actual records of people dying and let alone commit suicide, but for some reason this place is the most popular dog suicide location. It is in the cozy village of Milton in Scotland, which gives it a more surreal setting for anyone let alone dogs kill themselves. And the dogs always seemed to be excited as they would jump to their deaths, not one report of dogs accidentally falling, but actually grinning dogs with dog smiles on their furry faces. Theories have been all over the place, but no one seems to understand why exactly is this happening. And one of the creepiest stories is that dogs who survive, climb up and do it again to their death.

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