15 Travel Planning Apps Every Traveler Must Use

Everyone has that dream trip, the must see before I die bucket list, or the Places to Visit Pinterest board. But maybe if there was a way to plan trips easier, you could spend less time dreaming and more time actually doing those adventures of a lifetime.

Isn’t it strange how the hardest part of traveling often starts before you even leave?Luckily, there are some great travel planning apps that help with the hardest part of traveling; the planning, arranging, booking, and organizing stage.

The better organized you are, the more efficient you are, which means you spend less time wasted figuring out the details of the trip and more time actually enjoying your trip!Check out this list below to find the best travel planning apps that help you spend less time staring at your phone and more time taking in the view.

1. Tripcase

Tripcase customizes your trip into a portfolio by sorting and arranging all of the hundreds of confirmation, updated status, and notifications that normally clutter up your inbox. This travel planning app organizes everything, from flights, restaurant reservations, car rentals, or even train tickets, into one straightforward itinerary. They even offer flight status notifications free of charge. Trip case also has some other great features, like the ability to share with select people details of your itinerary, like flight departure and arrival times, or even restaurant reservation details. The app will e-mail these details to contact you upload to the app, which makes it easier for everyone to be on the same page.

2. Trekeffect

If you are looking for a workhorse app that will solve all of your travel needs in one, simple app, then Trekeffect is the perfect find for you. is the perfect travel planning app for those who often find themselves disorganized and lost in the maze of websites that accompany trying to put together a vacation.This app allows you to build an entire itinerary from the ground up. You can also “share” your trip with a friend, who can build and edit the trip as well, which makes it a great app for those traveling with friends or a spouse. You can book hotels and flights directly through the app as well, so you don’t have to forward or transfer any information into the application.While many other apps offer different aspects of travel planning, or cost money to upgrade to add additional features, Trekeffect lets you plan everything travel related for your trip in one app at no cost. This is the only travel app that combines the dreaming stages of travel planning with the actual execution of your trip in one place, making it a great app for your trip at every stage of the journey.

3. Roadtrippers

If you love the sound of an all American road trip without missing anything but not having to do a ton of research before you hit the road, the app is the perfect link you’ve been missing. Similar to a maps app, you type in your starting point and destination, and the app will map out a route for you.On top of that, you can schedule stops on route, and find interesting things to visit and explore along the way. The Places tab shows recommendations and reviews for a number of categories, allowing you to truly customize your road trip to best fit your interests and itinerary.

4. Travefy

The hardest part of is figuring out how to split charges on things like car rentals, hotel stays, and restaurant tabs. Luckily Travery is not only a travel app where you can organize and find the elements of your trip, but also allows you to easily collect money from everyone traveling to cover costs like up front deposits and reservation hold fees.The app has a shared board that is viewable to everyone on the trip, and has booking capabilities for things like flights and hotels. You can also search destinations, activities, and restaurants, and build organize everything into one itinerary that can be viewed by all travelers on the app.Perfect for parties, reunions, or corporate retreats, Travefy helps handle the finances of group trips while also organizing and booking the trip itself.

5. The Traveler

The is half travel planning app, half travel journal app. It’s free and helps document your trip in a unique way by combining Google map features with photo uploading capabilities. You can record your trips, take pics, and place markers on the map. You can even attach your photos and even videos or audio recordings to the markers on the map so you can clearly record every detail of your trip.

6. PackPoint

PackPoint is a unique travel planning app, as it doesn’t so much help you plan your trip as it help you pack for your trip. The app considers all aspects of your itinerary, including factors such as weather, the reason for your trip (business or pleasure), and activities in your itinerary, like trips to the beach or mosques. It works best in conjunction with apps like TripIt, so you can have your itinerary directly linked to your packing list.While the app isn’t free, you are basically ensuring for only $3.99 that you never have to make a last minute shopping trip on route to stock up on socks or grab that umbrella you didn’t know you would need. When you look at it at that way, PackPoint is well worth it and cheaper than replacing items you forget to pack.

7. Worldmate

For the business traveler, Wordmate is quite possibly the best travel planning app out there. Similar to other apps, it can effectively organize all of your forwarded confirmation e-mails into a scheduled itinerary for you.The app also includes currency converters and world time clock conversion for international travel. The real plus comes with its social networking compatibility, which allows for easy networking and meeting arrangements for professionals on the go.A pro version is available as well, which includes some great features like available discounts on flights or hotels, flight schedules and alerts, and syncing capabilities with your online calendar. These features are a working traveler’s dream, and available for only a $10 upgrade.

8. FlightTrack 5

At nearly $5, FlightTrack 5 is one of the pricier travel planning apps available, but it is worth it if you are a frequent flyer. The app allows you to create itineraries with all of the information for your flights, including all of your flights details like departure and arrival times, gate assignments, terminal numbers, delays and even up to date weather conditions so you know if your flight is likely to be delayed or canceled.Users can also track their planes on route; the app features maps highlighting planes and visually tracking them as they move in real time across the globe. The app will also let you know how fast the plane is traveling, at what altitude, and expected arrival time.

9. Mygola

Mygola is a great app if you are clueless as to what you actually want to do or see on a trip. Their travel planning app has a narrowed selection of only the best of the best, each city’s highlights of things to see and do. The carefully selected choices are updated daily to reflect the latest deals and promos.You can easily book activities, restaurants, live events, and passes through the app as well, and Mygola will organize your bookings into an easy to use itinerary. The app will even make recommendations for things to do if your itinerary has any gaps in it, and includes maps and transportation details for each stage of your journey.While the app is only available for select cities, it is free, and will give you a unique experience in each location rather than just hitting up the usual tourist spots.

10. TouristEye

TouristEye is like the Pinterest of travel planning. But instead of creating a travel collage of random pictures, you can create visual itineraries to help plan your trip. The app also features maps, information about different cities, and available tours.The unique aspect of this travel planning app is the ability to schedule your entire trip’s itinerary and turn your trip’s route into a diary as you travel You can upload photos, add comments and notes, and even add pics from others on your trip as well.

11. GateGuru

GateGuru is another app that helps organize your trip’s itinerary by automatically arranging your forwarded email confirmation into one schedule. Besides just creating an easy to read itinerary, GateGuru also breaks down the airports where you will be departing and arriving. It lets you know where the closest ATM is, where you can find free Wi-Fi, and which restaurants are closest to your terminal.GateGuru also utilizes social media for an added fun factor that most itinerary apps lack. Not only can you check in and let social media friends know you’ve arrive, but you can also compete (er, compare), to see how you much you have traveled compared to your friends. The app basis this analysis on figures such as miles flown and airport check ins, under a travel stats tab located within the app.

12. Planapple

The is best used for those traveling in groups and trying to plan an itinerary with long distance friends. This travel planning app arranges your itinerary, phone numbers, e-mails, discussions, and points of interest and organizes the information as well. Different users for each trip can access all of the information so that all of the details are visible to everyone traveling.The highlight of this app is the voting feature, which allows everyone on the trip to create polls to easily figure out travel based decisions in a non-confrontational place during the planning phase of your trip.

13. Tripit

Tripit is a great one stop holding place for everything related to your trip. It is intuitive and easy to use. For free, you can simply forward every email that you receive confirming flights, hotel bookings, car rentals, train tickets, and reservations into one convenient location, and the app will organize it into a chronological itinerary for you.If you are willing to spend a few extra dollars, the pro version of Tripit highlights additional features that are a great find if you travel frequently. For $50 a year, Tripit Pro can track airline ticket price refunds, alert you of flight notices, and get you inside access to certain lounges in airports across the globe.As a bonus, the Pro version also will find you open seats on other flights heading to the same destination, which means you’ll never be stranded again.

14. Gogobot

Much like or TripAdvisor, has user reviews and recommendations of places nearby with the ability to share pictures, stories, and comments with other app users. But instead of being limited to a destination search, you can post questions to other users for specific comments or run downs. The app also allows you to organize every element of your trip into an itinerary and share it with other users.

15. TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor is a good travel planning app if you are in the beginning stages of planning. It has arguably the largest database of reviews and collection of interesting sights to see for travelers who are highlighting a certain area. The app can also help keep your booked hotels, flights, and rentals organized in your account, which eliminates the need to constantly refer back to your e-mail account.It’s also free, which makes it a great resource to help plan everything from a casual weekend getaway to a month long expedition. And it has plenty of advice and travel hacks from others who have traveled before you.

Planning to travel? Well then make your travel planning experience painless and hassle-free with Trekeffect!

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