Christmas in Summer: Top 4 Destinations

Try getting something else, whether it’s still some bizarre lucky dip this year or already planning ahead for next year, some Christmas which is not so common for the usual eye and Christmas is usually associated with snow, Christmas trees, gingerbread, Santa and warm sweaters with reindeer. So why not try something warmer where you can still wear a Santa hat yet a swimming suit as well? That surely doesn’t make it less of a Christmas.

1. Fortaleza, Brazil

A known alternative to Rio de Janeiro will surely warmly welcome you with its fine beaches and tropical food. In Fortaleza it’s very common practice for Christmas in summer to rent a small apartment room somewhere further from the city itself.

A lot of these cities are not properly discovered so you can expect a nice, warm and peaceful holiday whether it’s just you or your family or friends. Locals will also be very friendly and helpful (but don’t forget to learn a few basic phrases in Portuguese or carry around a phrase book).

Also Fortaleza has the biggest water park in Latin America, so you can always head there to try some scary slides.

2. Phuket, Thailand

It will be hot, you’ll surely not have snow and no chimneys for Santa to climb into, but hey you get to warm up and you’ll come back with a great tan.

The largest and famous island in Thailand is very friendly to all it’s travelers and the fact that it’s annual Gay Festival takes place twice a year is a big thumbs up and pointer that it is LGBT friendly and is a very known destination for being one of the best locations around the globe.

It also has a wide range of gay cabarets and night clubs. Keep in mind that New Year will be far more crowded in Phuket than Christmas as Christmas is not celebrated in Thailand.

3. Sydney, Australia

Something very festive and surely with a bunch of Christmas trees and decorations and now you’ll get to be in scene with a bunch of people in red Santa-esque bikinis waving at the camera as some foreign news company covers how odd it looks.

You get to hand out on the beach, do a Christmas BBQ and drink. And another difference because it’s in the middle of summer all of the food will be served cold such as ham, beef, lamb and Christmas pudding will be served cold with cream and custard.

Also don’t forget the fake snowmen on people’s lawns.

4. Cape Town

You’ll surely not get the usual Christmas with Christmas ice cream and you’ll also get to see BBQs by the locals instead of classic roast ham or turkey. And it will not be as commercialized and your inner clock might not even feel that it’s Christmas if you’re used to cold weather and everything with Santa hats.

Also the population of South Africa is mixed and yet religious so you will still find a lot of similarities when it comes to the actual Christian side rather than the commercial. And you get to see a different side of Christmas markets as you will get to see small stalls around the town during this holiday season.

If you want a sunny Christmas or New Year make sure to have your trip planned smoothly with Trekeffect!

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