12 Types Of People You’d Love To Travel With

Sure, solo travel is an empowering, awesome and eye-opening experience, but there is nothing quite like traveling and seeing the world with your best buddies. From appeasing your taste buds with mouthwatering food to gazing on mesmerizing sunsets, every experience in your trip just feels more fun and magical, when you have a gang with you.

Of course, group travel is not as easy and simple as it seems. Vacations, especially the longer ones, tend to uncover the secrets and hidden traits of your friends that you may not be comfortable with. As a matter of fact, you might have a few sleepless nights, because you’re traveling with a person who snores as loud as a buzz saw.Whether you are traveling with one person or dozens of tourists, the company you pick can make or break an amazing escapade.

Here are the 12 of the best types of people you definitely want to travel with:

1. The YOLO travel buddy

Want to experience the adventure of a lifetime for your next trip? Then, make it a point to travel with an adventurous -er! With a YOLO-er as your travel companion, you will never forget to let your hair down as well as experience a myriad of new mind-blowing thrills and adventures. What’s more, he or she will help you cherish every moment of your voyage.He or she is a kind of traveler that guarantees to make every day of your vacation memorable. From intoxicating beer pong games to hair-raising treks and skydives, expect non-stop fun and adventure with this travel companion.

2. The foodie

Foodies, with their great enthusiasm for gastronomic goodies, will lead you to the best cafes and restaurants that the country’s own locals and dwellers clamor to dine in. They have scoured the internet, and followed the best food bloggers just to discover the must-try dishes and best kept culinary secrets of your next destination. Plus, even if you’re not fond of eating exotic treats, they have an infectious craze for food that will encourage you to eat the weirdest local dishes on the menu.

3. The photography enthusiast

They will take tons of selfies, and they will ask you to help them carry their heavy photography equipment around. You will even get tired of posing in front of their camera because they’re trying to get the right exposure just for a single photo. But at the end of the trip, you will be thanking them for all the spectacular photos they have snapped with their cams. And besides, most of us want to be in front of the lens rather than being behind it, right?A friendly word of advice, try to be extra nice to these fellows. If they find you friendly and accommodating, they might use their magic and Photoshop tricks to make you look slimmer and younger on or Instagram.

4. The planner

Travelers are very often spontaneous and free spirited, enjoying the total freedom of not knowing what to do on the next day. And while a spontaneous trip is super fun and exciting, a dedicated planner can be an excellent addition to your escapade. Trust me, you will never have to worry about the things you will be doing tomorrow, when you have this kind of travel buddy in your team.He or she reserves tickets for a wild beach party, books boat tours, and even makes all the dining reservations in your trip. Travel planning is pretty easy and convenient, when you have this travel buddy on board.

5. The frugal travel companion

Traveling on a tight budget? Forget flashy shopping malls, and follow this dude to the outlet stores and flea markets. Wandering around your destination with the motto “traveling does not have to expensive”, this travel buddy has unrivaled bargaining skills and an uncanny ability to seek out slashed deals. He or she has spent countless of hours on , online forums and to know the ballpark figures of your trip’s hotel rooms, tours, food and souvenirs.Add this budget-conscious travel companion to your crew, and you will never get ripped off by dishonest vendors. Moreover, having this guy around is a sure-fire way to save major bucks on your holiday.

6. The language specialist

Stuck in a restaurant with a non-English speaking staff? Don’t worry, as the language specialist can help you get through this ordeal. With a genuine interest in languages and the locals, this travel buddy is quite proficient in picking up the important phrases and words for every place he or she visits. Armed with a local phrasebook and a language translation app, the linguist is without a doubt a must-have member in your team, especially when you’re traveling on a foreign land.

7. The financier

When unforeseen financial circumstances occur, and you are left with just a few pennies, the financier is truly someone you can rely on. Having the financier around means you can expect him or her to get you out of trouble with a swipe of a credit card or some bucks. The financier won’t handle all the expenses of your trip, but he or she will have your back, whenever you’re short in money. Of course, you need to pay him or her back later on.

8. The savvy navigator

No matter where you’re traveling, the navigator is easily one of the best types of people you’d love to travel with. He or she is, after all, a travel buddy that can take you wherever you want. Like a GPS, he or she knows where the nearest toilets, the best pubs in your destination are, and even remembers the route of fabulous bar you’ve visited a week ago. The chances of spending a lot of time looking for an art museum or getting lost are pretty slim when you have this savvy guy on your stable.

9. The culture vulture

The culture vulture, although not as wild and exciting as the YOLO-er, is nonetheless a great addition to your team of travelers. As you travel with a culture vulture, you will get to appreciate traditions and people of the place you’re visiting better. With a knack for discovering cultures, this travel junkie will take you to culturally rich towns, spots and monuments like historic Baroque churches, giving you a different perspective of the destination.

10. The survivalist

Traveling with a survivalist will come in handy for any vacation abroad. Whether you are dealing with a missed flight or a wrong turn, the survivalist will think out of the box, and find a number of ways to overcome your problem. No mountain is high enough for this travel buddy, and he or she will always find a way to climb over the obstacle. When things look bleak, expect this guy to salvage this trip.

11. The light packer

Bringing only his or her travel essentials, the light packer has no excess baggage to check-in or a heavy bag to slow down your speed while walking, giving you more time for exploration and enjoyment. And, the best part of having this travel companion in your team is that there’s always a room in his or her backpack for you to store your personal belongings and bought souvenirs.

12. The carefree jokester

A person who doesn’t take things seriously, and cracks jokes perpetually seems like a rather annoying companion. But thing is, having a jokester as a travel companion can help make your trip more unforgettable and pleasurable. Not only will he or she make plenty of smart and funny remarks, but the carefree jokester can also turn awkward and unpleasant situations into amusing experiences. Scammed by a taxi driver? Stuck in an airport because of a delayed flight? The jokester won’t let the negative vibes ruin your vacation, and will probably come with up a diversion to ease up the stress and tension.

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