10 Types Of People You'll Meet On A Hike

Savoring the view at the top of a mountain is always a rewarding experience. Whether you have just started hiking or are already an experienced climber, you have probably met these different personalities — and you are probably one or a combination of two or more of them. Which do you think best describes you? After a long hike even the journey itself is already an interesting part savoring the view at the top of a mountain is always a rewarding experience.

Not only does it mean enjoying scenic views because it is actually the people that you hike with or meet along the way that gives color to what would otherwise be a boring walk. Of course, you'll need a bunch of hiking gear and a dependable backpack to make your hike exciting and memorable.

Check out these amazingly types Of people you'll meet on a hike:

1. The Alpha

As one of the most experienced people when it comes to climbing, he or she is probably the one who organized the trip. This person does nearly everything from planning the itinerary, coordinating with concerned groups, talking with the locals, doing the logistics and meeting up with everyone to discuss what to expect from the climb. You know you are in great hands with this person in charge because this person has been tested by time and experience.

2. The Girl or Boy Scout

When you have a girl/boy scout in the group, you often have nothing to worry about. Whatever you think is not needed for the climb, and eventually realize that you do, he or she has it. Go through this person’s pack and you will find a complete first aid kit, extra trail food and other things that you think you do not need or have otherwise forgotten.

3. The Endless Complainer

You have only taken the first step but this person has already been complaining a hundred times. They are annoying to be with because there is nothing else that comes out of their mouths but constant complaints, whines and rants about the climb. Why he or she join the climb in the first place, no one knows. Everyone tries their best to keep the most distance from this person because they have nothing but negative vibes that will make you lose your motivation.

4. The In-Search-For-A-Good-Background

Otherwise known as the selfie expert, this person signed up for the climb mostly because they are in the lookout for the best view that they can use as a background to complement their self-portraits. With the help of their go-to gadget, the mono-pod, they also need to make sure that they do not only show the beauty of nature but also get the best angles of their faces.

5. The Newbie Climber

These people are often just dipping their toes in mountain hiking and climbing so do not be surprised if they do not always come in the right attire. Many times, they come in tank tops and even jeans and a pair of sneakers. Sometimes, an umbrella and a casual backpack (the type you use in school) also help complete their get-up. You may see them again in the next climb with upgraded apparel — but you also might not.

6. The Photographer

Another trigger happy type of climber is the photographer, who sometimes come with huge cameras and gears so they could take the best landscape photos. They are usually friends with the sweeper (the last person in the group), or they could be the actual sweeper, as they like to take it slow in order to have more time to take photos. You can also expect the photographer to take a lot of photos of the group so you can be sure to have a number of souvenir photos from him or her once you get back to the city.

7. The Minimalist

This person is perhaps one of those who will enjoy the trails the most because they have the lightest load on their backs. These people can take things to the extreme, bringing along only the things that they will truly need, and do not mind wearing the same item for days.

8. The Bucketlist Crusher

You will probably see this type of person in every climb because they will grab every opportunity they get, even it means going out every weekend. These people have the most stories to tell during socials as they have the most number of mountains climbed and trails hiked. Sometimes, they can evolve into a higher form called the Hardcore Climber. This person is often the fittest in the group and sets off on a race against himself or herself, trying to beat their previous times everytime they climb a mountain.

9. The Nursing-a-Heartache

These people are among the most interesting types of people because they use climbs and hikes as a way to forget their recent heartache. They may be people who are hoping that the beautiful view (or for some, someone they meet along the way) will make them forget about their pain. Oftentimes, they compare their journey to the top to moving on, which takes one step at a time. They also ask for some alone time at the top so they can get lost in their thoughts.

10. The Genuine Mr. Nice Guy/Girl

Everyone loves how genuine this person can be, inside and out. This person will never hesitate to lend a hand, become a human pole, bring your bag or even be your cheerleader when needed. Sometimes, these person’s intentions can be mistaken for something else but, really, they would just like to help out without asking for anything in return.It’s funny how most, if not all, of these people can be found during every mountain climb. But before you judge other people, have you figured out which one of these personalities you belong to?

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