Valentine’s Day Destinations

Everyone has their own opinion on Valentine’s day whether is it to actually wrap up with a box of Ben ‘n’ Jerry’s under the bed covers watching different Romantic Comedies and declaring strike on Valentine’s day or spend it with your beloved.

But either way this day has to be special regardless of how many special someone’s you have or don’t and even if you’ll be at a karaoke with a friend.

Copenhagen, Denmark

If you are a straight single woman who is tired of men, then we might just have found something you should look into! These women declared a no men strike and have decided to take the day into their very own hands and booked the entire 17th floor in the Bella Sky Hotel in Copenhagen.

Las Vegas

Doesn’t matter if you’re single or not, it is a great destination for gambling and not only. If you hit the jackpot if you will want to you will wake up in bed with your beloved or your newly acquaint, so maybe you just might try a shot at love as well. And don’t forget that 5% of all US weddings actually take place in the city of sin, if they last that’s a different question, but the rate is still there.

There will be a lot of shows for everyone ranging from Beatles cover shows to Thunder From Down Under (something special for single ladies who enjoy men) to a Shania Twain concert. You can also travel to a different Eiffel Tower in Vegas which will have it’s own romance.

New York

The city itself will be filled with love or places for singles to meet singles. But if you are looking to spice up the rest of your Valentine’s day then you might just have a great solution if you are near New York or in New York itself. We’ve all wandered into sex shops and have seen great wide selection for everyone’s taste from BDSM to light dress ups.

New York has a wide range of sex shops from Eve’s Garden which is the first woman’s sex shop which welcomes women and is known to have not just penis shaped dildos all over the place to places such as The Leather Man which is every man’s place or rather only place to shop for leather goods. All items in The Leather Man may be tailored and nearly all tried on.

Stockholm, Sweden

A city to fall in love in and stay in love with yourself, your significant others and the city itself. A very welcoming city to everyone with a history of acceptance and LGBT rights and pretty much known for its support is always open to everyone.

You can stay until late at night as you will surely not be the only wanderer around Gamla Stan, which is the city’s old town - it’s straight from a fairytale book and will keep you in awe. Also don’t forget to visit the Royal Castle, which is one of the largest in Europe.

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