Warsaw: The World's Phoenix

Just like the mermaid in the legend of Warsaw said that the village would grow into a beautiful city because of the hard work of the simple fisherman who chose to live there... In the end Warsaw blossomed with loads of talented people, beautiful streets and rich history as it has risen from the ashes of WWII to shine bright again.

Royal Castle

One of the places which was destroyed (first in the 17th century and then during World War II) and finally replaced by a replica is the gorgeous Royal Castle. The German army blew it up in 1944, but in 1971 Communist authorities gave the go-ahead for its reconstruction with funds raised by the people of Warsaw. A lot of it had been returned back to the castle as it belonged after it had been taken by Russia.

It has a collection of two Rembrandt original paintings and Canaletto who was King Stanisław August Poniatowski’s court painter. Canaletto’s paintings also were a guide to restore the castle to the way it was. There is also an archaeological exhibition in the castle.

Łazienki Park

The Baths Park, the largest park in Warsaw, is a park-and-palace gorgeous complex located in Warsaw’s central district, and lies on the Royal Route linking the Royal Castle with Wilanów palace. The complex is comprised of Łazienki Palace (also known as Palace on the Water), a Roman theater, the White House (a garden villa built by Merlini in 1774), Myślewice palace, the Old Orangery, the New Orangery, the Temple of Diana (a classicist temple), an Egyptian temple and a neoclassical water tower. For architecture fans, this is like Christmas morning. It is also a fun place to take kids (but not only kids) as there are a lot of ducks to feed and squirrels all year long.

Marie Sklodowska-Curie Museum

One of the most important women in science and of her era is surely Marie Curie. She had been accepted into university back when women hadn’t, and she became the exception which proved to build chemistry for years. The idea of creating a museum dedicated to Marie Curie dates back to the early 1930’s, but the museum as we know it today opened in 1967. The collection is mostly biographical and aims to stimulate scholars, students and the general public in the life and work of Maria Curie. It is done in her former house where she had lived and it is preserved as if you had decided to go to her for a visit with of course exhibits from throughout her life.

Old Town

The Stare Miasto is the most recognizable part of Warsaw. While over 80% of it was destroyed during World War II, the Old Town was meticulously rebuilt using as many of the original bricks as possible. There are free tours available in English which take you throughout the whole old town and even let you try out local vodka as there is a theory that supports that vodka was a Polish invention (a claim contested by Russia). Landmarks you must see include the Castle square, St. John’s Cathedral and the Old Town Market. Lose your way in Stare Miasto and you’ll still have a great time - there are enough sights to fill a whole day of walking.

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