21 Ways You Can Be Indiana Jones In Mexico

Do you have an adventurous soul? Are you in the mood for epic adventures and exploring breathtaking archaeological discoveries? Then, mi amigo, Mexico is the right destination for you! From awe-inspiring Aztec ruins to crazy perilous outdoor trips, Mexico has a world of thrills and adventures that would surely unleash your inner Indiana Jones. After all, Mexico is home to over 180 archaeological sites, with many of them designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Not a big fan of Indiana Jones? Don’t worry, as Mexico’s awesome adventures and archaeological sites will still give you a blast and unforgettable trip.

Here are 21 ways how you, a regular travel junkie, can become a legendary adventurer like Indiana Jones in Mexico:

1. Delve into the fabulous pyramids of Teotihuacan

Teotihuacan, fondly called as the “City of Gods”, is an ancient Aztec metropolis that features some of the world’s largest pyramids, such as the Pyramid of the Moon (Piramide de la Luna) and Pyramid of the Sun (Piramide del Sol). Of course, you have to delve into these pyramids and archaeological wonders, to become the Indiana Jones of Mexico. And, who knows? You might find some amazing discoveries, as you visit these pyramids.

Want to see Teotihuacan’s pyramids from an aerial perspective? Take a hot balloon ride, and get a load of these incredible ancient wonders from high above. Also, a balloon ride is, in my book, something that Indiana Jones would want to try in Teotihuacan.

2. See Chichen Itza in a way that Indiana Jones would

Chichen Itza, arguably the most sought-after archaeological attraction in Mexico, lures over a million of tourists every year, thanks to its striking main temple – El Castillo. In the late afternoons of autumn and spring equinoxes, El Castillo’s northwestern corner will cast a string of triangular shadows that would mesmerize beholders with an appearance of a long serpent zigzagging down its staircase.

3. Be awed by Cholula’s Great Pyramid

When it comes to size, very few pyramids in the world can rival Cholula’s Tlachihualtepetl, or also known as the Great Pyramid. As a matter of fact, it is greater in terms of volume that the Great Pyramid in Giza. But unlike your typical pyramids, the Tlachihualtepetl is often mistaken for a flourishing hill, thanks to the brush and grass that had overgrown on its giant wall.

4. Discover Palenque’s Mayan treasures

Set amidst a dense rainforest with abundant rivers and waterfalls, Palenque is a truly paradise for historians and adventurous archaeologists like Indiana Jones. Here, you get to explore pyramids and discover a ton of Mayan treasures, such as ancient stelae crowded with gripping hieroglyphics.

5. Lay eyes on a one-of-a-kind archaeological gem

Here is something that the great Indiana Jones has never done in his iconic fictitious life. Visit Guachimontones, and be amazed by the only circular pyramids on the face of the earth.

6. Visit Tulum, and meet its mighty spiny guardians

As far as I’m concerned, Tulum has the most eye-catching setting of all the archaeological sites in Mexico. Unlike most of Mexico’s ancient wonders, Tulum is perched grandly on a rugged cliff, overlooking clear azure waters and powdery white sands, giving you pleasant vistas of the ocean.But, don’t let its peaceful feel fool you, as the site is guarded by throngs of iguanas. Though they are not as fierce as the ancient Mayan warriors, these iguanas, with their sharp-looking spines and serious demeanor, look very scary and nasty.

7. Explore Templo Mayor in an Indiana Jones fashion

The Templo Mayor is an intriguing historic spectacle that would put Indiana Jones in a state of euphoria. Inscribed in 1987 as a UNESCO World Heritage, this ancient Mexican site is drenched in mystery and history.

8. Visit Uxmal

With its impressive collection of wonderfully preserved ruins, Indiana Jones certainly won’t mind spending a few days exploring Uxmal, which is often viewed as one of the best Mayan archaeological sites.

9. Locate Coba’s ruins amidst its jungles and treacherous lakes

Coba is a surreal Mayan city that has a quintessential Indiana Jones feel, with ruins that are scattered across a jungle that as couple of crocodile-infested lakes. Plus, it boasts a bevy of steep pyramids, including the 42-meter Nohoch Mul, which is the Yutcatan Peninsula’s tallest pyramid.

10. Learn more about the Zapotecs

One of the oldest boroughs in Mesoamerica, Monte Alban flaunts a series of elite residences and temples that would give you a deeper insight of the Zapotecs and the human life in the pre-Columbian times. In addition to its ruins, the site has a small museum that displays an array of relics, including stone carvings.

11. Kayaking

With an extreme landscape of rivers and mountains, Mexico is indeed a paradise for avid kayakers, offering some of the best rivers in the world in Morelos, Chiapas, Oaxaca, San Luis Potosi and Veracruz. While we’ve never seen Indiana Jones kayak before, it is still an adventurous escapade that you want to try while visiting Mexico.

12. Ride a horse like Indy

Get a horseback riding adventure in Cancun, and experience how it feels like to be Indiana Jones for a day. Not only will it give you an unforgettable ride, but it also lets you ride through a Mexican jungle with striking vistas.

13. Take jeep safari adventure in Sierra Madre

Explore El Tuito and the other charming traditional villages of “Old Mexico”, in an Indiana Jones manner, by taking a thrilling safari jeep adventure in Sierra Madre.

14. Climb Orizaba

Orizaba, the highest peak in Mexico and the hemisphere’s third tallest, is a terrific mountaineering option for those who are looking for an extra dose of adventure and fun in Mexico.

15. Experience a mountaineering excursion in Nuevo Leon

With its desert landscapes and rocky ranchero feel, it is easy to see why adrenaline junkies love Mexico’s . Here, extreme adventurists get to experience an 8-hour heart-pumping mountaineering excursion that combines the elements of cliff jumping, rappelling and trekking through majestic waterfalls.

16. Rock climbing at El Portero Chico

El Portrero Chico, a jagged limestone outcrop, has been silently drawing throngs of rock climbers from all corners of the world with its sheer variety of bolted routes.

17. Mountain biking at Copper Canyon  

One of the world’s largest and deepest canyon systems, Copper Canyon will give you a memorable mountain biking escapade with its string of huge canyons.

18. A collection of statues with an underwater twist

We all know that Indiana Jones loves to explore sites with interesting sculptures, but he never experienced something like the Cancun Underwater museum. Submerged six meters below the sea, this aquatic museum has three galleries with 500 statues made from Jason deCaires Taylor and other Mexican sculptors.

19. A zipline ride of a lifetime

Get a rare opportunity to zip right through Los Cabos’ canyons on a web of cables that are suspended high above its lively ecological habitats and unspoiled picturesque beauty.

20. Trek the Iztaccihuatl Volcano

Take a trekking adventure to the Iztaccihuatl Volcano, which is the third highest mountain in Mexico, for a day full of awe-inspiring sights and adventure.

21. Outdo Indiana Jones

Want to outshine the iconic Indiana Jones? Make your way to Playa del Carmen, and experience the thrill of the lifetime, by taking a skydiving adventure.

To make sure you enjoy your stay in Mexico, and discover the other lovely places in this marvelous destination, start planning your trip with Trekeffect!

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