4 Ways Students Can Save Money When Traveling

The best time to travel and explore the world is when you are young. As a young traveler, you will have endless of opportunities to enjoy a plethora of heart-pounding one-of-a-kind adventures, such as trekking in Peru’s famous Inca trail, as well as diving into the crystal clear sapphire waters of Malaysia’s Barracuda Point.

But ironically, most of today’s young studs and students would have to wait until they have a steady source of income, before they can start thinking of creating a trip itinerary. Of course, traveling has an unjust reputation of being an extremely expensive foray.

1. Take advantage of student discounts

There are tons of discounts available for travelers who are still pushing pencils. To enjoy these student discounts, though, you need to invest in an ISIC, or also known as an International Student ID Card. With you ISIC, you will be able to save a ton of money from your accommodations, local transportation, and even airfare.

As a bonus, you will get discounted deals on food, museum admissions and clothing. In some cities and destinations, museums and galleries provide free admission to young students.

2. Use your device’s apps

Whether you are using an iPhone or an Android mobile device, today’s cutting-edge gadgets can be a great boon to your trips, as a student. Not only do these devices make you travel experience a bit more convenient, but they can help you save a great deal of money as well. With the help of travel apps from your mobile device, you will be able to plan an amazing trip itinerary that won’t cost you a fortune.

Plus, there are plenty of mobile messengers that reduce your phone bills, when traveling abroad, such as Skype, Snapchat, and Kik.By the way, make sure to download an offline Wifi finder, so that you can easily find the nearest hotspot in your destination.And speaking of devices, here are some of our favourites that you might want to bring with you the next time you travel:

• 1. Solar Charger

• 2. GPS Navigator

• 3. Dry Phone Bag

3. Free walking tours

Most of the world’s top cities have free walking tours that are organized by volunteers. As budget-conscious traveling student, participating in this kind of tour is something you should include to your trip itinerary. With these walking tours, you get to explore your destination, and feast your eyes on its most beautiful sights without spending a dime. Not to mention, these tours would give you an insight of the city’s culture and history.

While walking tours are offered to everyone for free, there are some kind-hearted participants who would give tips to the guides. If you have a few extra bucks on your pocket, you might want to make a small donation to your savvy and lively guide. Besides, they deserve some compensation after all the talking and energy they have spent to entertain you.

4. Think of an alternative destination

Why are the world’s most popular destinations and cities so pricey? It is because everybody travels to these places. Are you looking for a cheaper alternative to Costa Rica’s stunning beaches? Try creating a trip itinerary to Nicaragua. There may be no alternative to Paris, but there are tons of charming and exciting European cities that are less expensive, such as Athens and Budapest.

Want to save more money from your trip? Then, create a with Trekeffect!

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