17 Ways To Stay Fit And Fab When Traveling

Whether you are heading for a business convention or enjoying a relaxing family getaway in San Martin de los Andes, traveling can often throw you off your fitness routine, and even make you gain a few extra pounds. Let’s face it, most of us use traveling as a poor excuse to skip a workout as well as eat a lot. But the truth is, traveling does not necessarily mean you will be taking a time off from your fitness routine and diet. From calisthenics to outdoor adventures, there are a lot of different ways to fend off unwanted weight gain, even when you are on the road for months.

Here are a few tips for staying fit and fab while traveling:

1. Don’t buy airport food

Did you know that a couple of hours of waiting in an airport terminal can turn easily into a thousand of extra calories? Trust me, delayed flights are not only annoying, but they can expand your gut as well.As you wait impatiently for your next flight, your stress hormones fire up, which will trigger your cravings for those high-calorie and sugary foods that you will find at the airport’s food court. Of course, these foods contain hundreds of calories that can make you fat when traveling.

A blueberry crumb cake from Starbucks, for instance, contains at least 800 calories. Add it up with the classic Cinnabon you’ve ingested while waiting at the terminal’s gate, and you’ve got a whopping calorie intake of 1,500 in just a few hours. What’s more, high-carbohydrate and high-sugar foods are the worst and least satisfying, as far as reducing your hunger. Worst of all, these foods are very proficient in spiking the blood levels of your insulin, a hormone that will stimulate fat storage.

2. Always stay hydrated when flying and traveling

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that the air inside the airplane is twice as dry as the Sahara Desert. What most travelers don’t know, however, is the fact that breathing dry air can cause dehydration and fatigue, which will give you another reason to eat.Fortunately, you can keep your own appetite in check as well as prevent dehydration, by having a good liquidation plan. Before your flight, make sure to drink at least eight ounces of water. Also, drink 16 ounces of water every two hours, when you are traveling in the air.

3. Ditch the in-flight meals

Airline meals are not only unappetizing, but they are also quite heavy and unhealthy to your diet. For a healthier and tastier alternative, prepare your own snack like an apple, turkey sandwich or a handful of raisins or nuts.

4. Healthy choices when dining out

Spend a few minutes reading the menu carefully, whenever you’re dining out at a restaurant. Avoid meals that are creamed, sautéed and fried, as they are jam-packed with calories and fat. Instead, pick meals that are boiled, roasted or steamed. Also, try to ask the chef to prepare your meal in a much healthier way.

5. A healthy way to eat fast food

Fast food is, oftentimes, inevitable, when you are traveling. Thankfully, though, most of today’s fast food chains are serving healthy and low-calories food choices. Just don’t forget to see their nutritional information sheet, if in case you are not sure of what to eat. Also, try to avoid sauces, combo meals on anything that is fried. It is best that pick turkey sandwiches and fruit salads without mayonnaise.

6. Take fish oil supplements

, with its ability to support your body’s levels of serotonin (a feel-good hormone), can help you manage stress as well as prevent your cravings for high-carbohydrate foods.

7. Protein shakes

Protein shakes help build strength, increase muscle mass, and torch excess fats. Moreover, it can reduce hunger, when you are traveling.Recommended protein shakes:

• Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard

• Body Fortress Super Advanced Whey Isolate

• Optimum Nutrition 100% Casein Protein

8. Choose the right hotel

As most business travelers would say, it is practically impossible to find a good hotel with a decent gym facility. As a matter of fact, the “state-of-the-art gym facility” that some hotel brochures brag is sometimes just a supply closet equipped with a pair of non-adjustable dumbbells and an 18-year-old Nordic Track. That’s why it is essential for people who want to stay fit when traveling to book the right hotel.

How to find a hotel with a good exercise facility? Go to , and look for a hotel with a top-notch facility. Unlike most hotel booking sites, Fit For Business rates the best hotel exercise facilities in over 200 cities across the world as well as provides a long list of hotels and resorts that offer access to the nearest local health clubs.

9. Find a nearby gym

On the internet, you will find a number of websites that will help you locate sports groups, gyms health centers and fitness centers in your destination. Here are three trusted websites that can help you the best find gyms in the place where you’re heading:

• Gyms Near Me

• Anytime Fitness

• Official CrossFit Affiliate Gym Locator

10. A sightseeing run

As far as I’m concerned, one of the best ways to discover a new destination is to wake up early in the morning, and go for a sweat-inducing run. Not only will it shed off extra calories in your body, but it can be also a fascinating sightseeing adventure. Not to mention, it will give you an insight on the places to visit.

11. Calisthenics for traveling fitness junkies

Stuck on a secluded island with no access to a gym a facility? You don’t need to use a ton of fitness equipment to stay fit and fabulous when traveling. As a matter of fact, you can build a strong and ripped physique without ever lifting a or running in a treadmill. With calisthenics, you can become as strong and ripped as a gymnast, athlete or a Hollywood actor using compound body weight movements only. Looking for a challenging no-equipment workout you can do when traveling? You might want to take a look at the amazing workouts at.

12. Look for a good place to do your pull-ups

Whenever I travel to a new place, the first thing I usually do is go for a walk, and look for a swing set, pull-up bar or a strong tree branch, where I can do my pull-ups. To me, I can always perform a solid fat-burning full-body workout, as long as I can find a place to do my pull-ups. After all, pull-ups are compound exercises that target a multitude of muscle groups, triggering a release of growth hormones, which can also blast fats.Can’t find a strong tree branch? Not strong enough to do a few pull-ups? You might want to try doing body weight rows using a table.

13. Bring a pair of gymnastic rings

A lot of folks believe that gymnastic rings are useful only for athletes who’d use them in competition like Crossfit and gymnastics. But in reality, anyone can greatly benefit from these amazing rings because they help build coordination, stability and strength simultaneously like no other fitness apparatus. As an added bonus, these rings are quite handy and portable, meaning you can bring them in your trips.Traveling with a pair of gymnastic rings? Here’s how you can get a good workout with these cool babies.By the way, if you’re planning on buying a good solid pair of gymnastic rings, make sure to consider the . Its very affordable, and it also has a solid construction with excellent straps. In addition, it can withstand up to 1,600 lbs of weight.

14. Resistance bands

They are super light and portable, and can be used to perform a wide variety of exercises, including bicep curls, shoulder press, lateral raises, overhead tricep extensions, and a whole lot more.

15. Fun and exciting outdoor adventures

From rock climbing to scuba diving, there are literally hundreds of outdoor adventures that can help you stay fit and fab when traveling.

16. Yoga

Yoga is a mild and relaxing way to burn hundreds of calories, when you are traveling. Plus, you can practice yoga wherever you want, even with little to no equipment. In fact, you can even strike a few yoga poses and meditate on a beach or on top of a cliff.Want to deepen your yoga practice while hitting the road? Then, make sure to enroll in one of the weekly workshops and classes offered at.

17. Join local activities

In cities like and regions like Asia, it’s quite common to see locals gathering in public spaces and park to dance or practice the art Tai-Chi. There are also cities where you can find locals playing football in the streets or a local park.

Start planning your exciting adventure together with Trekeffect while staying fit and healthy!

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