14 Ways Travel Makes You A Better And Awesome Person

Travel brings infinite merits that can last for a lifetime, not only it does it give us a breather from the chaos of our daily grind, but it also makes you better and awesome in more ways than one. Travel can even foster qualities and vital skills that can make you a better entrepreneur, such as resilience, leadership and creativity. As they say, it is such an important piece of everyone’s life. Trust me, though the rewards don’t come in cents and dollars, travel is truly one of the best investments anyone can make. An awesome traveler as a matter of fact, needs some great travel gear and bag to make their trips more memorable.

Here are the 14 ways why Travel Makes You A Better And Awesome Person:

1. It will make you smarter

Education happens nearly on a daily basis, when you’re on the road. Unless you’re lazing by a resort pool drowning yourself in cocktails, travel will teach you a plethora of things about the world. Whether it’s a formal tour in a museum or by chatting with new friends, you’ll learn about cultures, history, people and arcane facts about destinations that some people can only dream about. We always learn, whenever we travel, and this lifelong quest to know more is what gives me the drive to travel as often as I do.

2. You’ll gain different perspectives

Travel is, for me, a great way to see things from different points of view. We may think that we are objective, but for the most part, our own perception is our reality. In the words of the well-known writer Anaïs Nin, “we don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”. Everybody has a different upbringing, belief system, education, sets of experiences, and a belief system. Being in a different situation can totally open your mind to something new.Also, the world seems pretty small, when you stay in your backyard all the time. A step outside your norms opens eyes to an assortment of possibilities elsewhere.

3. Travel makes you look sexier and younger

In spite of the minor stresses that invariably come with traveling, it’s still rather relaxing and soothing. After all, you can let your hair down and be wild because you’re on a break, and you can do whatever it is that your heart desires.And those relaxing and carefree days on the road are going to make you more radiant and confident, meaning you’ll age slower. Keep in mind, stress causes rapid aging, and by filling your days with happiness and adventures, you’re making yourself look younger and sexier.

4. It makes you more adaptable

You’ve dealt with bad street food, delays, wrong turns, slow buses and missed flights. And after a while, you’ve learn to adapt your plans to the road’s ever changing situations. You won’t get angry and mad anymore, and you’ll just alter what you’re doing and move on. When life throws a curve ball, you hit it out of the park with flying colors.

5. Travel is a crash course to orientation and geography

Can’t figure out which direction will the sun rise or set? Always struggled with directions and geography? Prone to getting lost? The good news is, traveling will give you tons of practical lessons that will bolster your sense of direction.Travel, in many ways, will teach you how to navigate through cities and countries. In essence, traveling improves your navigational abilities by training your brain. Subconsciously, travel lets you master the two modes of mental navigation – calculating distances and using landmarks to memorize directions.

6. It makes you a better problem-solver

Seeing another culture overseas for an extended period of time will open our mind to the world’s many ways, which in turn helps you realize that one thing can have a multitude of meanings. In short, traveling the world can transform you into a bad-ass problem-solver.Think I’m bluffing? We got science and a boatload of research that can prove my theory! For instance, a conducted by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests that students who lived and studied abroad were 20 percent more likely to solve a computer task than the those who did not travel.

7. Travel makes you more social and friendly

As a traveler, you get either get better at mingling with others or end up alone, crying every night in a bed. You’ll learn to befriend strangers, and feel more comfortable talking to new folks. In the early stages of my life as a traveler, I was an introvert who was pretty uncomfortable talking to people I didn’t know. Today, I can blithely talk to anyone as if we’ve been friends for a number of years.

8. Travel teaches patience

From getting through the airport security to finding decent Wi-Fi on a serene island, there are dozens of obnoxiously annoying things that could happen along the way, on your trip. But, guess what, folks? All these hassles and hiccups are actually building character in the long run.Dealing with mishaps, different culture, delays and waiting in long queues will teach you to stick it out, take life a bit less seriously, and stop and smell the roses.

9. You’ll learn to lead

Whether you’re traveling alone or in a group, you will be called upon to make important decisions at each step of the journey. And eventually, you’ll develop and acquire the skills that make you a leader – a person who inspires his or her team to go beyond and above their call of duty.

10. It makes you more confident

You traveled across the world, saw iconic landmarks, hiked steep mountains, explored beautiful dive spots, and met a bunch of foreign hotties abroad. In other words, you did quite a lot of awesome things that can improve your level of confidence up a few notches! How can you not be sure of your own abilities with all the things you’ve done? After conquering so many great travel experiences on the road, you’ll feel a whole lot more confident in your own ability to accomplish anything you set your mind into.

11. Feelings of gratitude

Nowadays, it’s very easy to forget just how privileged and lucky we are. We are living in a world full of wealth and abundance, and we very often never fully appreciate what we have been given.A trip to a developing country, however, can make you realize how much you really have. I’ve made friends with hundreds of people who have so little, and it brought into perspective all those fascinating things I failed to appreciate.

12. You’ll overcome your fears

Fear is probably the biggest impediment to travel. Let’s face it, some people are scared to venture into the world because of their fear of the new and unknown. In addition, some don’t have the courage and guts to face the dangers and risks in traveling.Little do they do know, visiting new places can help them conquer these fears, to push their travel envelopes and become more confident in themselves. What’s more, travel drives them to face specific fears. For some reason, a lot of people take on a mantle of bravery, when they travel and do things they would never dare to try at home.

13. It makes you happy

Traveling simply teaches you how to be happy. You will become more confident and relaxed, as well as see the planet as a brighter place.

14. Travel sparks creativity

Traveling, especially when alone, can be a fantastic way to unleash your creative side. When you travel, you are stepping out of your normal routine, and allowing your brain to think differently. Plus, it gives you a surplus of cool ideas that you may not think of, when you are stuck in a cubicle or a four-cornered wall.And speaking of which, did you know that the masterpieces of the legendary Ernest Hemingway were inspired mainly by the time he spent in Spain and France? So, do you want to become a better and awesome person?

So, let the travel planning begin to the next place on your bucket list, and let your mind absorb the stress-free aura and creativity from your travel. But, don’t forget to plan your trip with Trekeffect!

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