Wellington, New Zealand: The Touristic Attractions

Wellington, the windy capital of New Zealand, is a scenic and scintillating destination with an irresistible charm. Ringed by verdant mountains and surrounded by a rock coastline, the city of Wellington boasts a plethora of natural wonders that will surely leave its spectators in awe. Furthermore, it is a vibrant city that offers an eclectic blend of entertainment, lively arts, delightful cuisines, heritage, and culture. In Wellington, tourists get to enjoy a dynamic city adventure with a slice of beautiful New Zealand natural scenery.

Te Papa

A visit to the Te Papa museum is an absolute must for any tourist in this New Zealand destination. Not only is Te Papa the country’s national museum, but it is full of surprises and highly interactive as well. As a visitor in this renowned museum, you get to experience the true essence of New Zealand under one roof. Te Papa is an indeed a treasure box, and one of the city’s most beloved tourist draws. Here, you get to feast your eyes on a myriad of fascinating collections, such as the national art collection, environment and natural history exhibits, Maori artifacts, and a whole lot more. What’s more, it has innovative and interactive exhibits that would keep you as well as your kids occupied and entertained.

Mount Victoria

To get spectacular panoramic views of the harbor and entire city, head off to Mount Victoria, a lofty lookout point on the Southern Walkway of Wellington. Aside from getting awesome views of Wellington, a visit to Mount Victoria gives you a chance to take pleasure at its lovely vibes and beautiful scenery. Not to mention, it is a great walk that will help you lose excess the calories and pounds in your body.


Zealandia, or also referred as Karori Wildlife Sanctuary, is a revolutionary eco-sanctuary tucked away on the lush hills of Wellington. As a wildlife refuge, Zealandia functions as a home to over thirty indigenous bird species, such as kiwi, tuatara, kaka, saddleback and takahe. In addition, the sanctuary has a host of intriguing exhibits that depict the natural history of New Zealand.

Cable car

The Cable Car is a historic icon of the city of Wellington. Dubbed as one the city’s most popular tourist attractions, this small red cable car is a transportation system that would take its passengers from Lambton Quay to Kelbum. With a ride on this iconic transportation, you get to see the beautiful landscapes of the city from a completely different perspective. Additionally, a Cable Car ride allows you to make a stop to three of the city’s most renowned attractions, the Carter Observatory, the Wellington Botanic Gardens, and Cable Car Museum, which a museum that tells the compelling story of the cable car.

Kapiti Coast

Formerly called as “The Golden Coast”, Kapiti Coast is an alluring natural wonder, and an absolute delight to watch. As a coast, Kapiti is home to a string of breathtaking pristine beaches that allow you to relax as well as enjoy a heap of recreational activities. Thanks to its majestic natural beauty, the coast was able to make a few appearances in film and television, such as Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings. As an avid traveler, New Zealand’s capital is truly an amazing destination you cannot afford to miss. After all, it is a production and filming center for blockbuster films like District 9, Tin Tin, Avatar, as well as The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogies.

Often touted as one of the world’s best capitals, Wellington has an endless array of dazzling offerings that will delight you in a variety of ways. To fully enjoy the city’s offerings, plan your trip to Wellington with Trekeffect!

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