What To Do In Munich's City Center

A city with a rich history that meets a present marked by innovations, a youthful vibe and a raging entertainment and nightlife scene. There are many districts and things to do, but right now let’s have a closer look at the city center, also known as the Altstadt.

This district is where the gold is, the one place that shows up on travel articles and Google searches and that in person is even more magical. Munich’s architecture shows off its very best here, and all of it is within walking distance so you can soak the city in. If public transport is your choice, you’ll be pleased to hear that the Altstadt is served by trains, subway stations and trams too.


The opener for the city center is its northern beginning. Odeonsplatz is a large square in which you’ll find yourself surrounded by the Theatine Church (Theatinerkirche), the Field Marshals’ Hall (Feldherrnhalle), and the Munich Residence (Münchner Residenz). For architecture lovers, it’s quite the feast.


Officially Munich’s central square since no sooner than 1158, Marienplatz has seen it all. The place is a jewel of German architecture, and boasts Munich’s Old and New City Halls. There are many shops in the region to cater for the swarm of tourists.A highlight from Marienplatz is located in the New City Hall and is called the Rathaus-Glockenspiel. Built in 1908, long before the buzz about automation existed, it is a mechanical reenactment of 16th century story that is on every day 11AM, plus additional times for summer (usually 12PM and 5PM).


Town halls aren’t the only thing Munich can brag about in the Altstadt. You can find a variety of churches in different styles, for architectural and spiritual fulfillment. It is important to remember that most churches are closed to the general public during services, so please be respectful and look up the schedules before you go. Our two picks are the Asamkirche and the Frauenkirche – this in no way means you shouldn’t visit the other ones, though. Asamkirche has one of the most impressive interiors you’ll ever see in your life. The church was finished in 1756, built by the Asam bothers.

Frauenkirche, a rather unique church, is topped by two onion domes which your can see from a fair distance. Instead of classic Gothic styles, Frauerkirche sports an interesting type plain brick simplicity. For the sake of trivia, it is said that the constructor of the church, Jörg of Halspach made a deal with the devil about the rather window-less design. True or not, you can visit the ‘Devil’s footstep’ located inside the church.

The museums

Munich is loaded with museums, including BMW’s museum, and the city center itself is home to six of them that cater to all tastes. They are: the Munich City Museum, the House of Art, the Jewish Museum, the Residenz, the Slammlung Shack and the Treasury. In addition to that, you can visit the town hall’s bell tower, old toy shops and many more smaller historical attractions that help you breathe in the city’s atmosphere even more.

If Munich is the heart of Bavaria, the Altstadt is the heart of Munich. Grab a beer and a camera and look around you – the city center is beautiful and welcoming. Plan your trip around Munich at Trekeffect!

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