The World’s Most Beautiful Highways

From picturesque routes and coastal highways to bewildering mountain passes, a road trip is truly a breathtaking sightseeing adventure that will please your eyes in a variety of ways. Aside from feasting your eyes on a myriad of beautiful sights, a road trip allows you to experience the destination’s countryside charm as well. Best of all, you get all of the trip’s lovely offerings without having to spend a fortune.

The world is home to a cluster of stunning and exquisite highways. From New Zealand to North America, there are a lot of beautiful highways that would give you magnificent views of the ravishing and jaw-dropping creations of God and man. To find the most beautiful highways in the world, continue reading this informative guide.

New Zealand’s Milford Road

The Milford Road is a dazzling 144 mile highway set in the midst of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. As you drive along this stunning highway, you get to wind through the world-renowned Fiordland National Park, and pass by crystal clear waterfalls and lakes as well as lush rainforests. What’s more, a road trip in this highway gives you a chance to visit the Milford Sound town, which happens to be a filming location of the blockbuster trilogy “Lord of the Rings”.

Norway’s Atlantic Road

The Atlantic Road in Norway is a tourist route that has become one of the premier attractions in the country. Established in 1989, this scenic highway now offers rest areas for tourists who want to feast their eyes on this exquisite route. As a tourist route, this lovely highway connects the Molde and Kristainsund towns in the mid-eastern part of Norway. A five-mile highway, the Atlantic Road is without a doubt one of the most gorgeous roads in all four corners of the world.

Hana Highway in Maui, Hawaii

For an unforgettable adventure in Maui, make sure to a road trip along the Hana highway. While this road trip will take more than three hours, it is nevertheless a wonderful journey that will give you picturesque views of the destination’s beautiful landscapes. As you make your way in this highway, you get to pass by a myriad of lush sea cliffs with flourishing mango trees. Furthermore, you get to pull over and relax under a luxurious vista, or buy delightful loaves of bread from any of the roadside stalls. To top it all off, this road trip gives you a chance to visit a red sandy beach in Hana, where endangered seals and nudists relax idly under the sun.

Col De Turini, France

Nestled in the Alps of southern France, the Col De Turini is a famous highway that draws an influx of tourists and sports enthusiasts. Each year, this French highway becomes a road racing venue for the Monte Carlo World Championships, where state-of-the-art cars race and reach a top speed of more than one hundred ten miles per hour. Besides hosting a prestigious event, the road is also known for its scenic beauty.

Chapman’s Peak, South Africa

No list of the most beautiful highways in the world is complete without including the Chapman’s Peak Drive in Cape Town, South Africa. This amazing road is a nine-kilometer route with over a hundred curves. Named as “Chappies” by its drivers, a road trip in this highway allows you to take pleasure at its exquisite scenery and enjoy stunning panoramic views of the area.

A road trip is indeed a great way to experience a destination. With a road trip, you get to see the beautiful natural wonders of the destination along with your friends or loved ones. What’s more, you get to experience its laid-back countryside ambiance. So, the next time you plan a trip to any of the destinations mentioned in this list, make sure to take a road trip on its awe-inspiring highway with the help of Trekeffect!

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