The World’s Most Gorgeous Man-made Islands

The world is teeming with stunning islands that are known for their majestic natural beauty and exquisite untouched wonders. Showcasing a dazzling array of natural gems, these islands are the wonderful masterpieces of Mother Nature, captivating its spectators with its idyllic charm and opulent scenery. But, not all of the world’s most beautiful islands are made by Mother Nature herself.

Today, there are a lot of artificial islands were built by humans for tourism, flood protection, residential purposes and sanctuaries for wildlife. The world has a growing collection of paradisaical artificial islands. Here are some of the most gorgeous, creative and bizarre islands that human engineering has put together.

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Dubai is home to the world’s largest man-made island development, the world-renowned Palm Jumeriah. A true feat of human engineering, this billion-dollar mega-construction project is amazingly formed in the shape of palm tree. Nestled in the Persian Gulf, this breathtaking man-made wonder is made up of a crown with over 15 fronds, a trunk, and an enclosing sickle-shape island that has become a host to the Palm Atlantis Hotel, a lavish luxury resort.

Amwaj Islands, Bahrain

No list of the world’s most gorgeous artificial islands is complete without including Bahrain’s Amwaj Islands. A group of man-made islands on Bahrain’s northeast, the Amwaj Islands were reclaimed from the shallow blue seas of Muharraq Island, the northernmost island of Bahrain. As a tourist magnet, these islands contain a myriad of attractions (like the gigantic circular marina) as well as a collection of hotels, retail, commercial and residential buildings.

Eden Island, Seychelles

Eden Island is arguably the most ravishing man-made island on the face of the earth. Located in the Indian Ocean, this scenic paradise is a private island, with a world-class precinct, pristine beaches, and an international marina that can handle state-of-the-art yachts. Furthermore, it offers an eclectic blend of leisure facilities and a wide range of activities.The Eden Island is basically a grand residential development that boasts over 400 private villas, mansions and luxurious freehold apartments. The homes available on this utopia are cozy and spacious with red high-pitched roofs and large verandas. They also give awe-inspiring views of the nearby islands, forests, ocean and mountains to its residents and visitors.

Isle of the Swans, Paris

The Ile aux Cygnes, or also referred to as Isle of the Swans, is a statuesque narrow island set in Paris’s river Seine. Built in 1872, the island was originally designed to provide protection to the port of Grenelle. Now, this synthetic island has become one of the most famous and beloved tourist attractions in the city. As a tourist on this French isle, you will get to lay your eyes on a beautiful replica of New York’s Statue of Liberty as well as a tree-lined walkway that stretches to the island’s full length.

Burj Al Arab, Dubai

With an impressive height of 1,053 feet, the Burj Al Arab is truly a remarkable figure that dominates the skyline of Doha. Named as the world’s fourth tallest hotel, this lofty landmark stands proudly on a man-made island that is 920 feet away from the Jumeirah Beach. As a premier world-class hotel, the Burj Al Arab is home to some of the most expensive and lavish hotel suites in the world.

New Danube, Vienna

Located right at heart of Vienna, Austria, the New Danube is a long and narrow island that serves as home to a popular Austrian music festival. Not to mention, the island is buzzing with vibrant restaurants, bars, and clubs. While most locals come to this island to experience its colorful open-air events, this artificial island was originally designed as part of the city’s cutting-edge flood management system.

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